At EllisDon, we’re constantly pushing the limits - propelling ourselves toward bigger and better opportunities, while exploring new market sectors and services. So it only seems natural that we'd hire people who have their own voice and aren't afraid to use it. They follow a path of continuous learning with an innovative spirit that leads them to be recognized as leaders in the industry. We hire these types of people knowing they are as diverse as we are, and they come on board because they share our core values. Then we simply give them the freedom to take their career (and EllisDon) further.

EllisDon Exists to Empower Driven Minds

At EllisDon, we do everything we can to give one another the opportunity to do great things.  We embrace innovation and provide each other the freedom, trust and flexibility we need to continually redefine what EllisDon is.

EllisDon is an engine of change and our people are its drivers.

By empowering driven minds and fostering innovation, we have grown from being a general contractor to a multi-faceted company.

Today we provide our expertise to clients in project development, finance, construction and project management, design, sustainability, construction sciences, virtual construction (BIM etc.), insurance, facilities management, intelligent buildings, MEiT services and software development and many more. We are always evolving and it’s our people who are creating and leading this change.

We provide the place where your career can succeed.

EllisDon’s purpose of “attracting great people with similar values, and enabling each of them to achieve the full extent of their career potential” has created a culture and work environment that is recognized across the globe; and we’re continually receiving awards and praises, such as:

This is the place where you belong.

It’s not just about identifying the best and brightest people – it’s about having the best and brightest people identifying themselves to us. This is the opportunity for you to have the career you have always wanted. Tell us what you want to do, and we will provide the vehicle for it.

It doesn’t matter what your expertise and craft is – there are no boundaries. We are a group of leading professionals with a variety of skills: engineers, investment bankers, superintendents, construction managers, estimators, architects, software engineers, computer scientists, accountants, lawyers, facilities maintenance personnel, marketing and communications consultants, sustainability professionals, and project managers. As you can see, we are a diverse bunch.

Meet EllisDon folks and hear their stories

We are thinking, changing, growing and building faster than ever.

That’s why we need people like you.  We need your passion, skill, intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit to help us change everything.

Our Values

  • Trust

    We give everyone at EllisDon the freedom and responsibility to do their job, to make our clients successful, and to create new opportunities.

  • Mutual Accountability 

    We are accountable to one another and that flows up, down, and across EllisDon.


  • Entrepreneurial Enthusiasm 

    We seize opportunities, think creatively, innovate continuously, and refuse to be constrained by conventional thinking.


  • Integrity and Mutual Respect 

    We hold each other to the highest standards of professional and personal integrity. We are good to our word and honest at all times.


  • Complete Openness

    We share everything about our company with everyone who works here because being completely open makes us fast, fluid, and flexible.