Executive Team

Meet our executives

Our executive team are passionate people with a wide swathe of experience and expertise. They’re committed to building a strong, reputable, and generation-spanning company that will always value empowering its exceptional employees and their careers, above all else.

Executive Team

  • Geoff Smith

    President and CEO
  • John Bernhardt

    CFO and Executive VP
  • Joe Jagodich

    CIO and Senior VP
  • Jody Becker

    Chief Strategy Officer and Senior VP Emerging Markets
  • Tim Smith

    Executive VP Buildings and ICI
  • Michael Schaefer

    Executive VP Procurement and Estimating
  • Stephen Damp

    Executive VP Civil
  • Jim King

    Senior VP Services
  • Rosemarie Lipman

    Senior VP People, Culture and Corporate Affairs
  • Chris Andrews

    Senior VP
  • Tom Howell

    Senior VP, Legal Services and Labour Relations
  • George Charitou

    Senior VP
  • James Zippel

    VP Building Services
  • Kari Lynn Harris

    VP Health & Safety
  • Bill Michoulas

    VP Global Business Development