Project Summary

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  • Budget

    $21 Million

  • Size

    32,000 sq. ft.

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  • Year Complete


  • Sector

    Healthcare & Research 

The Story

Built on the University of British Columbia campus, ARIEL is an underground beam tunnel surrounding a high-power superconducting electron accelerator that produces exotic isotopes, which are used for research and development. This locally made linear accelerator will vastly increase Canada’s capabilities to develop new approaches for producing and evolving isotopes that will help diagnose and treat diseases.

building photography

Architectural features consist of elements that allow the building to blend in with the existing surroundings, while still displaying features that highlight its new usage. Structural features include six-foot wide concrete walls that serve as a protective barrier, from the radiation emitted from the cyclotron. The new compressor building will aid in the initiation of recycled water for future heating use for the rest of the University of British Columbia campus. The construction materials include concrete, structural steel, metal cladding and curtain wall. Some of the surrounding walls at ARIEL are nine feet thick to protect the surrounding environment from any form of radiation exposure.

Some mechanical features include radioactive venting, stainless steel enclosures, HEPA and carbon dioxide scrubbers, that purify the air, and three different sanitary systems. This project was designed to LEED® Gold standards.

This facility offers two completely different electrical systems: a high voltage system and a low voltage system. These two integrated systems work together to meet the highly demanding power requirements for each of the building’s elements.

On behalf of the TRIUMF laboratory, we thank you for what is clearly being viewed by our Board of Management as a highly successful project. Now that it is complete, we are excited to begin inhabiting the ARIEL building with state-of-the art beam delivery and target equipment. We look forward to our science.

Nigel S. Lockyer, Director, TRIUMF

We build lots of condos, shopping malls, warehouses but this was a very unique project. There are only a couple facilities like this in the world.

John MacKenzie, Project Manager, EllisDon

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