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The biggest issues residential projects face can be summed up in 3 words: quality, money and time. EllisDon overcomes these challenges with dedicated expertise. Our residential construction teams have a thorough understanding of the specific materials and methods that help deliver a project fast, with the lowest possible price and with the greatest quality. Specifically, our expertise in high-rise buildings, formwork systems, window and curtain wall construction and modular or prefabricated units, helps owners save time and money.


From design-build to construction and project management, we build high-quality workmanship into residential properties, hotels and resorts. This means that sometimes our price may be slightly higher. But we believe that owners can sell workmanship, quality and sustainability. For example, we offer LEED certification advice to owners looking to give customers a high-performing building that is energy efficient and more sustainable. Residential condominium buyers, in turn, want to know their living spaces have been built properly, are energy efficient and construction hasn't been rushed or compromised to achieve a low price.


Project owners and architects are looking to satisfy increasing customer demands for higher quality, sustainability and high-end amenities. They know they can trust EllisDon to deliver quality workmanship in the most economical and timely way possible.

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