Uniting Technology and Construction

Buildings are becoming more intelligent; the opportunities and challenges surrounding their operation have never been more complex. Without hesitation, it is safe to say our ICAT team is the market leader in the design and construction of Intelligent Buildings and we understand every aspect of the systems and technologies we install. We have invested in the engineering and IT resources to deliver a converged network, integrated systems and tenant applications, and to ensure these facilities operate to their full potential every day.

We have a dedicated team to support and manage intelligent infrastructure, working collaboratively with our clients to and their team to optimize building performance. Our goal is to maximize efficiency, decrease energy consumption and maintenance expenses, reduce lifecycle risk and increase tenant satisfaction.

The EllisDon ICAT team is behind the design and implementation of some of the world’s most advanced facilities.

ICAT: Revolutionizing Building Network Infrastructure

  • Find alternatives that interconnect disparate systems managing network, lighting , building automation, energy, HAVC, security and other functions
  • Save energy and lower operational costs with more efficient monitoring and intelligent use
  • Provide value-added benefits to tenants from intelligent building environments to increase customer satisfaction and wellness
  • Lowering your carbon footprint and simplifying building management
  • Decrease capital building cost by including us in the design stage as early as possible
Connecting people, processes, systems, data, and all things in everyday working environments. The Next Generation of Intelligent Buildings.
Construction is one of the last industries to fully accept and embrace technology as part of their core business. EllisDon fully embraces ICAT and utilizes it to provide its clients with high performance Intelligent Buildings.

Robert Barnes, Director, Information, Communication, Automation and Technology

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