Written by Geoff Smith EllisDon CEO


Your Company’s Soul, In An Algorithm

Jan 07, 2020

I have this reactive stubbornness against people trying to run my life with their algorithms. My bias has always been that if you’re a...

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Am I Being Paranoid?

Sep 17, 2019

Quite a long time ago, I took all my music CDs which I had purchased over the years and downloaded them onto my laptop. Not all of them of course, disco lost its appeal somehow, but after a few decades, I had a lot of really great music to digitize. Later, I started purchasing my music directly from Apple,...

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A Few Words on Fear

Apr 29, 2019

Everyone’s friend and counsellor, Oprah Winfrey, says that we all operate out of just two emotions, lov...

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Can You Create the Traditional Company of the Future?

Feb 13, 2019

Dynamic new companies are being created every day to take advantage of the world’s digital future, and to violently disrupt traditional companies, like the one I’m responsible for leading. And of course there are our friends the FANGs, etc., who merely want to take over the world.The ‘legacy’ compan...

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