Written by Geoff Smith EllisDon CEO


Advice From The Big Guy

Feb 16, 2021

Hi Everyone,It’s been a fair while since I’ve written a blog, must have been writer’s block or something, but I’ve lately received some encouragement to keep at it. So on the basis that there may be a few people still out there, ...

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Stephen Damp: A father, husband and an EllisDon Legacy

Jun 04, 2020

Hello Everyone,We are going to have a tribu...

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Your Company’s Soul, In An Algorithm

Jan 07, 2020

I have this reactive stubbornness against people trying to run my life with their algorithms. My bias has always been that if you’re a...

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Am I Being Paranoid?

Sep 17, 2019

Quite a long time ago, I took all my music CDs which I had purchased over the years and downloaded them onto my laptop. Not all of them of course, disco lost its appeal somehow, but after a few decades, I had a lot of really great music to digitize. Later, I started purchasing my music directly from Apple,...

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