Concept to delivery

This is the oldest and best tested of the delivery models. It’s been around for more than 4,000 years (the ancient Greeks called it Master-Builder) and it relies on the person designing your project also knowing how to build it.

Today, projects are infinitely more complex and no one person can understand everything involved in the design and construction phases, but client demand for a low-risk delivery contract revived master-builder as design-build. At the contract’s core is the requirement that a single entity be placed in charge of (and responsible for) a project’s design and construction. This single point of responsibility gives clients a clear line of sight between problems and solutions.


Our experience

Our design-build experience is second to none. With more than 150 completed projects, we consider our design-build department a centre of excellence (an official designation for us) and their expertise and authority extends across all our areas and construction sectors.

The design-build delivery model is as old as the construction industry and we’re doing everything we can to honour its tradition and give the world a new generation of master-builders.

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Dave Klassen
VP, Design-Build

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The Bayers Lake Community Outpatient Centre project involves the construction of a new outpatient facility and associated site works located on a 15-acre site in the Bayers Lake Business Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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