This team has specialized expertise in collecting and analyzing data to drive meaningful insights relevant to the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry (AEC). Our agile development approach ensures the delivery of tailored product solutions rooted in EllisDon’s deep understanding of the industry at large. The fragmented use of processes and technology in our industry prevents timely dissemination and standardization of information. This in turn has contributed to a major lag in the industry reaping the benefits of digitization which is a major issue our team is focused on addressing. Our goal is to support all stakeholders through a platform that allows for customization, integration and data consolidation in order to achieve a transparent, real-time view of project information.

The Product, Data and Software Engineering team is leading the modernization and development of cloud-ready applications for EllisDon’s core Construction Operations and Cradle To Grave Services. The redesign and modernization of our own core application, Gate Three, is a key product development project that the team has been working on.

Through our close partnerships with top software industry leaders, this team has also gained expertise in the latest data management and advanced analytics technologies for all major data platforms. Working with some of the best construction project teams in the industry, our data analysts and engineers are well versed in data visualization and in the metrics that drive meaningful insights for direct business value.  

Technology Products & Solutions Design

Design thinking is core to our approach and allows the team to address critical business problems with practical solutions. Through “Design Sprint” workshops we bring together stakeholders from both EllisDon’s Clients and Construction Operations to ideate, strategize, and collectively solve critical business needs.

Infrastructure & Legacy Application Modernization & Automation

The Development Engineers have experience spanning several industries in migrating legacy infrastructure and applications into modern architecture, and are well-versed in automating legacy operations/processes to allow for smoother transition and digitization within organizations.

Software Development

We use Agile methodology, microservices architecture, deployment automation, cloud-ready, open-sourced, and API-driven approaches to develop bespoke software solutions that are robust, scalable, and focused on delivering business value.

Innovation Research & Development Labs

We use a combination of discovery and rapid prototyping approaches to solve critical business problems from design to proof of concept. We partner with industry stakeholders to identify potential optimization and opportunities with new disruptive and innovative technologies.

Data Management & Analytics Solutions

We are enabling our Construction Operations and Cradle To Grave Services to mine data and extract its latent value by providing self-serve analytics and data management, integration and infrastructure.