At EllisDon, inclusion and diversity means to respect and value our differences. We recognize the benefits arising from employee diversity; great ideas come from differing perspectives, which are developed by various experiences, which means that you need a diverse set of people.

Our commitment statement

EllisDon’s commitment to Inclusive Diversity is to work together to create an inclusive environment where all of our employees can reach their full potential and individual differences are valued and respected. To read our full commitment statement, click HERE.

Anti Black Racism: What We Are Doing To Help

We are standing up to anti-Black racism with key initiatives and steps that support our Black employees and inclusive diversity at EllisDon. Here are some ways we are helping:

  • Creation of ABEEL (Alliance of Black Employee Experience and Leadership) to educate all of our employees and sub-trades on anti-Black racism. ABEEL organized a ‘Say No to Anti-Black Racism” week in October which includes a survey that was available on all EllisDon sites across the company. The intent was to provide our employees and members of our subcontractor community a platform to share their experiences and provide suggestions on how to create a more inclusive workplace for members of the Black community and other marginalized groups.
  • Creation of an Employee Leadership Group to tackle Anti Racism and Intolerance in general has been formed.
  • Creation of an Employee Leadership Group to help us achieve Gender Equality has been formed.
  • President and CEO Geoff Smith signed the BlackNorth Initiative CEO pledge to devote key organizational changes and actions to address, change and end anti-Black systemic racism, led by Wes Hall.

For the full list of our current initiatives, click HERE.

ABEEL's Shaping The Future Sponsorship

EllisDon's Alliance of Black Employee Experience and Leadership (ABEEL) launched the Shaping The Future Sponsorship Program to enable Canadian high school students to share their vision for a community, that is more inclusive of the Black experience and without racism. Students were asked to apply by illustrating what a world without anti-Black racism looks like through any medium of their creative choosing including video, drawings, poems, essays, visual arts, and music. Five winners were selected from students across the country, including Toronto, Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Edmonton, Alberta, Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia. 

View news article HERE

View the work of the winners HERE
*Due to privacy reasons, only audio content of the video submissions can be provided

Our new head of Inclusive Diversity

Meet our new head of inclusive diversity 


Jennifer Khan has worked at EllisDon for nearly a decade in the People and Culture division at EllisDon. She started as a Learning and Development Specialist, moving her way up to her most recent role as Director of Talent Management. In 2019, she was named Co-Chair of Diversity and Inclusion at EllisDon and has worked on initiatives like EllisDon’s partnership with Build A Dream, a non‐profit dedicated to attract, encourage and recruit female students to pursue careers in skilled trades and STEM. Click HERE to learn more about Jen’s role.

I am proud to be part of the ongoing education, awareness and real conversations on Inclusive Diversity at EllisDon

Jennifer Khan, Head of Inclusive Diversity, People & Culture

Addressing Racism in Construction: A Conversation with EllisDon

At EllisDon, we have been actively working to end racism in our industry and to break down barriers facing underrepresented communities. We believe discussions about racism in construction are pivotal to improving our industry.

Watch the webinar below, hosted by Giovanni Cautillo, President of the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA), with opening remarks from Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development to learn how EllisDon responded to the racist acts in our industry.

EllisDon announces Anti-Racism and Intolerance Leadership group

The new EllisDon Anti-Racism and Intolerance Leadership group focuses on Inclusion in our industry, and more specifically here, at EllisDon. Jane Chapman, Chair of our Anti-Racism and Intolerance group announced the launch of this group with a powerful op-ed.

We are very excited about this initiative which EllisDon’s Jody Becker, Chief Strategy Officer, Senior Vice President Infrastructure Services & Technology will act as the Executive Sponsor, stressing the importance of Inclusion at the highest levels within the organization.

To read Jane’s op-ed piece click HERE.

EllisDon launches Gender Equality Group

The new EllisDon Gender Equality Group, 2gether (2: Balance Harmony Gender Equality Team Human Empowerment Redefined) will not only discuss gender equality at EllisDon, but identify areas for improvement and set in motion plans to achieve equitable opportunities for everyone.

EllisDon’s Tom Howell, Senior Vice President, ED Modular, will act as the Executive Sponsor, providing support and leadership at the executive level, stressing the importance of gender equality at the highest levels within the organization.

Kristine Szeto, Chair of 2gether, EllisDon, announced the launch of this group with a powerful op-ed. Click HERE to read.

International Women's Day 2021

EllisDon sets a standard for understanding our unconscious bias

We are standing up to anti-Black racism with key initiatives and steps that support our Black employees and inclusive diversity at EllisDon. Here are some ways we are helping:

In an effort to better understand the topic of unconscious/implicit bias, our People & Culture team has set a standard for all of our People Leaders at EllisDon to participate in a webinar, “Understanding of Unconscious Bias”. 

This webinar, led by an experienced Registered Psychotherapist, College Professor, and Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppressive Practices trainer, aims to broaden our People Leader’s understanding of Unconscious Bias and equip them with tangible strategies to challenge it during performance review discussions.

EllisDon Vancouver Signs the “Builder’s Code Acceptable Worksite” pledge

We are always looking for ways to provide a safe and productive environment for all of our workers. That’s why we are excited to share that our Vancouver team has signed the “Builder’s Code Acceptable Worksite” pledge.

This pledge not only confirms our commitment to creating workplaces that support diversity and inclusion but will further enhance our on-going commitment to create welcoming worksites and help grow and retain our skilled labour pool.

Pride At Work

We welcome people of any age, culture, subculture, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, race, size, mental or physical status, veteran status, religion, language, political opinion, working-style preference, family status, education, and socio-economic status. We will do all that we can to create an environment where you feel safe to be yourself, and you will do the same for each other.

We are proud to partner with Pride At Work, an organization that “empowers employers to build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation.” We began this partnership in March 2020 to help us on our journey to implement inclusive practices at EllisDon.

The Canadian Tamil Professionals Association (CTPA)

As an industry exclusive platinum sponsor, EllisDon will support CTPA events through providing inspiring keynote speakers, innovative talks, educational breakout sessions, hands-on lessons, and networking events that provide future Tamil Professionals with the tools and resources to support their profession at every stage of their career.

We are proud to partner with the Canadian Tamil Professionals Association to support the innovative, forward-thinking programming that they provide to their members,” said Joey Comeau, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Capital, EllisDon. “We are committed to supporting diversity in Canada, and a key part of that is supporting grassroots organizations like CTPA as our future talent relies on the extraordinary work they provide to Canadian Tamil professionals and their growing careers.

The First Annual Building Diversity Awards

The Toronto Community Benefits Network Launches First Annual Building Diversity Awards and Recognition Program

EllisDon is the first lead sponsor and event partner for the Toronto Community Benefits Network first annual Building Diversity Awards and Recognition Program. 

“We are thrilled that EllisDon has joined us as our first lead sponsor and event partner,” said, Rosemarie Powell, Executive Director, Toronto Community Benefits Network. “Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce is critical for companies to keep their competitive advantage. As a community-labour coalition, we are committed to working in partnership with construction industry leaders like EllisDon to achieve standardized and coordinated industry recognized systems for preparing, recruiting, tracking, and retaining individuals from local communities in jobs made possible by CBAs.”

To learn more, click HERE.

Urban Land Institute Toronto

EllisDon is proud to sponsor the Urban Land Institute Toronto (ULI) which aims to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. 

As a sponsor, EllisDon supports ULI Toronto’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion resources and initiatives to understand and explore how we can begin dismantling systemic barriers in our industry and start building a more equitable, diverse and inclusive city for all. To learn more, click HERE

Inclusive Diversity will enrich our environment, change our industry for the better and ultimately help us improve our results. To do this, we will intentionally commit to gathering a collection of experiences, thoughts and perspectives from individuals, because we know that it’s worth it. We know this is a journey, not a destination and we will be learning together along the way.