The Tech Solutions team is unique to the industry. We are experienced technology consultants that provide solutions to the complex workflow problems for Construction Operations and across the Cradle To Grave Services. We focus on the selection, implementation, and adoption of new software from financial management systems and facility maintenance systems, to manufacturing platforms. Using EllisDon’s experience, we can also work with existing software to improve workflow and data collection, ensuring the consistent use of technology across the company to significantly improve data creation and quality.

This approach enables EllisDon’s internal teams to effectively collaborate with Clients, Joint Venture partners, Consultants, and Subcontractors. We collaborate closely with Clients to understand project specific requirements, and use our digital expertise and knowledge of best practices to effectively implement EllisDon’s software platforms to drive project success. We are changing and simplifying the way Clients use data to make project decisions by implementing a standardized suite of products for their projects.

We put your data to work through driving structure, standardization, and empowering teams to leverage their expertise through workflow digitization.

Software Selection & Implementation

Experienced project managers manage the entire process, working with EllisDon’s Clients and internal users to gather business requirements and find the right software solution. From that point on, we ensure a smooth implementation, working with business teams, external integration, consultants, and internal applications, and data architecture teams.

Workflow Design & Change Management

The consulting team has the Construction and Cradle To Grave Services expertise necessary to parse complex workflows and provide workable solutions. Taking into account what data is required, we set the stage for consistency, quality, and significantly improve the insights gained by designing workflows and then driving the adoption and standardization of the right software.

Training & Onboarding

The team also trains users on best practices for both internal and third party platforms, designing and developing user guides, on-boarding strategies, and integrating new solutions into existing processes.