BIM is as much about process as it is about mindset. Our goal is to deliver transparency and increased collaboration at every stage of the project by replicating the physical world in the digital environment. Our experts help Clients and project teams select and implement a wide range of solutions: from VDC tools and appropriate workflows, to terrestrial scanners and drones. We understand the ever increasing complexity of technology, the value of model data, and we’re ready and able to help navigate these options and achieve our Client objectives.

Visualization Services

Our team uses the design information during the planning stage of a project to create 3D visuals of logistics and phasing, to validate the design, identify any potential issues and offer a tool to improve understanding of the scope of the project for all involved stakeholders. We also offer solutions that enhance the Client experience, including, photorealistic renderings, interactive 360 videos, immersive VR, 4D/5D simulations and augmented reality to confirm constructability before mobilization on site.

Reality Capture Services

Both greenfield and brownfield projects can benefit from services that our team offers for gathering accurate data on existing conditions. These services include 360 photography for set locations, 3D laser scans for quality control, drone use for photography, video, and surveying for stockpile quantities, slope tracking and terrain profiles.

VDC Coordination Process

During the construction phase of a project, our teams deliver models in any format across a variety of different software ecosystems. We build virtually before construction teams mobilize, and we maintain 3D coordination models during the entire construction process to ensure high quality of installation, clarity of sequencing and handover.

Scan to BIM Services

When built assets contain poor Improve the quality of as-built information. Our team captures data with laser scanners and then creates 3D models to replicate the existing conditions in digital format. These models can be used for developing new designs and capturing changes made to the building after construction completion, to asset and facility management.

Asset Information Modelling

We work with our Clients and Cradle To Grave Services to support the management of built assets during the operational phase. The team creates, populates and delivers 3D asset information models that include all the data that represents the models, documents, manuals and instructions of equipment and objects for maintenance. These models provide a single validated source of reliable information that are readily accessible to maintain the asset more efficiently.