Ferrari World Extension

Ariel view of Ferrari World

  • Client

    Miral Asset Management LLC

  • Region


  • City

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Budget

    $259 Million

  • Year Completed






Project Description

In its provision of Project Management Services on this project, EllisDon has been contracted to act as the Employer’s Representative for the Ferrari World Kids Zone, Roof Walk/Zip Line and Mission Ferrari. In this capacity, EllisDon acts as the central point of contact for leadership and coordination of all construction in these areas.

Ferrari World Kids’ Zone - Located at the site of the existing Junior Grand Prix (“GP”) and Junior Grand Touring (“GT”) attractions. Junior GP will be relocated to an area adjacent the Formula Rossa entrance, while Junior GT will be placed into storage. Costs associated with the relocation of the Junior GP will be reduced by repurposing many of its props/elements. Miral has identified four new attractions to be integrated into the Kids’ Zone area. These rides will be designed and supplied by a third-party ride vendor.

These rides are:
• Formula Rossa Junior - The track of this launched roller coaster is approximately 200 m long, and is designed to be a park-wide source of attraction and dynamism. The coaster ride consists of one train with six two-seater coaches. The ride can achieve an approximate maximum speed of 11.5 m/s (25.7 mph) with a theoretical hourly capacity of 240 riders per hour (“rph”)

• Turbo Tower - Strategically located within the Kids’ Zone, the tower is designed to be visible by all guests approaching from the main entrance, who will be able to see the coaster track that loops around it, as well as
the movement of the tower ride itself. The tower stands 15 m. high, and features two bounce-and-drop ride programs for children and adults. It can accommodate up to 12 riders per cycle, secured by means of an over-the-
shoulder restraint to maximize both comfort and safety, with a total capacity of 300 rph.

• Speedway Race - This is a flat ride, aimed at younger park guests. The ride consists of eight two-seat vehicles, that race over an oval track.

• Flying Wings - Riders are able to control the movement of the sail on their own hang glider. At the end of each of the eight arms, riders can find a two-seat cart, able to comfortably and securely accommodate children and adults. Conjointly with the rider next to them, all 16 passengers will be able to control their own experience.

By pushing and pulling the triangle shaped control bar in from of them, riders are able to maneuver as though piloting a real hang glider. Additionally, a central hydraulic system is used to maintain the balance that gives riders the ability to control their movements during the duration of the flight.

Capital Projects Zipline & Roof Walk - $3.8 Million
Lead Architect Shankland Cox
ZL & RW Architect Webb Yates
Lead Consultant Shankland Cox
Main Contractor M4 Contracting
ZL & RW Contractor S.A.S
Steel Contractor Assent

Ferrari World Zip Lines - This ride features two zip lines that begin at Tower 1 and proceed through a thrilling flight-
like experience through and over the Flying Aces Rollercoaster, to an intermediate landing zone at Tower 2 (situated near the site’s edge). Here, another pair of zip lines propel the return from Tower 2, back towards the FWAD building, with a final landing zone situated close to Tower 3. The scope includes three (3) Steel Towers , Final Landing Stage, Changing Room and Briefing Area.

Ferrari World Rooftop Walk - The Roof Walk at FWAD constitute 600 m walk on top of FWAD Roof.

F10 Mission Ferrari - $184 Million

  • Architect: Aecom ME Ltd.
  • Lead Consultant Aecom ME Ltd.
  • Contractor Six Construct

F10 Mission Ferrari - This is a launched-coaster dark ride, featuring a nine-person vehicle powered by Linear
Synchronous Motor (LSM) propulsion, that sends riders on a trip in which elements of actual scenery blend with
projected audio-visual content.