redefining the standard

We believe that each of us at EllisDon, regardless of the work we do, plays a vital role in achieving a "Safe" work environment. EllisDon's Health and Safety standards continue to be above government requirements in our industry. Our Health and Safety program has earned us a safety record that consistently exceeds the industry average by 90%. But we didn't get there by sitting back and letting others lead the way. We are industry leaders, and we will keep it that way.

How did we get there?

By actively participating in industry based safety committees and sharing the resources of our company with any workplace party that needs assistance, we are able to expect higher performance from our subcontractors and ensure their success.

Full integration of safety planning with construction scheduling allows a maximum level of proactive safety, which in turn, creates higher efficiency and productivity. To us, it's not just good business to look after the people on our projects, it’s a matter of universal morality.


2016 Mainstay Awards
Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia Mainstay- Employer Safety Champion Award. The Employer Safety Champion award recognizes an employer who has demonstrated an exemplary health and safety program and proven injury prevention track record in their workplace.

2016 Safest Employer Award
Canada's Safest Employers awards recognize companies across 10 industry-specific categories from all of Canada with outstanding accomplishments in promoting the health and safety of their workers.

Unique projects call for unique safety considerations

Active involvement of Safety specialists on each project ensures that corporate objectives and standards are surpassed, and that project safety is tailored to the specific attributes and hazards associated with the project.  Our Health and Safety Department is made up of individuals dedicated to ensuring that all EllisDon staff, contractors, owners – on jobsites across the country and around the world – are able to work confidently and excel in a safe and controlled environment.  But ultimately, success is achieved only with everyone's commitment and participation. The Safety Department personnel are the coaches, mentors and leaders but it is everyone, whose commitment and participation enable EllisDon to excel.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

EllisDon's proprietary Environmental Management System (EMS) managed by the in house Environmental Manager launched toward the end of 2012, replaces an older 2005 version, and had been rolled out to staff across the company. The EMS is a compilation of policies, procedures, and best management practices for use company-wide.

This "living document" is updated according to advancements in environmental laws, sustainability and industry best practices and allows EllisDon to raise the bar on environmental stewardship and provides more value for clients by increasing accountability of its employees, subcontractors and service providers.