The Aligned delivery model was developed in-house to address several key client needs. Under Aligned, clients select the design team of their choice and design freely, while leveraging our construction experience and knowledge. Once the drawings are 30% complete or the client is satisfied that their aspirations will be met, we guarantee both a design and build price.

Best of all, with Aligned, clients are free to select the brightest minds in architecture. Our experts work alongside client-chosen designers to turn concepts into stunning reality. An absolute industry first, a service that only EllisDon provides, Aligned is the better way of moving your project forward – with certainty, efficiency and speed.

The Results - Linking design and construction

This pioneering in-house service radically changes the way projects are delivered, combining the best design expertise with real-time construction logistics to give our clients a single point of project accountability from conception to delivery, without compromising design creativity or integrity. We lead and take full responsibility for the whole process, while giving you the ingenuity, the result and the transparency you demand.

This model reduces time in development and accelerates construction schedules. It also improves profitability and eliminates the majority of a client’s risk, since a price has already been guaranteed for the project's design and construction.

Aligned is a powerful delivery model that holds design integrity and excellence to be preeminent. It's a delivery type few can offer because of the extreme amount of knowledge needed to offset the risk we take from the client.

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Unmatched creativity; guaranteed results.

Chris Andrews, SVP, Aligned

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