What we do

Our experienced Construction Sciences team, consisting of four departments working together side-by-side, addresses every aspect of your project to eliminate problems before they arise. We embrace complexity and the unknown; if this team doesn’t have the answer, they will either find it or create it.

Existing in the gap between consulting engineering and construction, our in-house Construction Sciences Division, one of few in the industry, is dedicated to ensuring that the most innovative building techniques and products are available to our clients – whether invented on one of our sites or anywhere in the world.

Our team gets actively involved in projects from the RFP stage, putting together detailed scheduling, logistics drawings and conceptual documents to showcase our approach and thinking on how we plan to get your job done better than any other company. We can build better because we invest the necessary time to create detailed plans for the project team. We question current methods. We look at problems differently. Then we reveal and implement seamless solutions.

EllisDon’s Construction Sciences teams were involved in months of preconstruction planning in order to turn Frank Gehry’s AGO designs into reality. This included some never-before-designed elements like the glass and wood promenade on Dundas Street West and a curved staircase where no two pieces of wood could be the same.

Construction Sciences developed master plans and detailed schedules for intricate tenant sequencing relocations and more than 100 logistics drawings for a total mall renovation. It included a new 90-foot wide by 675-foot long skylight, the world’s largest, in a two-and-a-half city blocks mall. And the kicker? The majority of the mall remained open for the entire 28-month renovation.