More than ever before, there is an opportunity for building owners - both of new construction and existing – to take advantage of the advances in network technology that increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and enhance the overall building experience while reducing their carbon footprint.

EllisDon’s Energy and Digital Services (“E&DS”) group is a leader in constructing and retrofitting buildings that make your environments intelligent and optimize the way you use energy. This group, which is comprised of EllisDon’s Information, Communication and Automation Technology (ICAT), Sustainability, and Managed Services divisions, works together to deliver intelligent building infrastructure and their unmatched knowledge and experience.

Energy & Digital Services is there every step of the way to ensure your building’s full lifecycle and future-proof it as technologies evolve. 

Services and Capabilities


Converged Building Network/Base- Building Fiber Network/ Wireless Network Conceptual Design
Suggested system integration matrices
Building systems specifications terminology
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) opportunities
Building dashboard & tenant integration platform
Physical space review


EllisDon’s Energy & Digital Services team acts as the master technology integrator, ensuring that all recommendations and design elements developed during pre-construction are appropriately procured, installed and integrated.

Looking beyond construction, EllisDon Managed Services is ensuring that owners have an optimized building well into the operations stage. From building systems integration – smart systems such as HVAC, lighting, shading, and more, that can all communicate with one another – energy optimization, energy monitoring, and smart security surveillance, we provide the intelligent infrastructure management building owners are looking for.

Substantial Completion/Operations & Maintenance

As the facility enters the operations phase, Energy & Digital Services offers a suite of Managed Services designed to support the technology deployed during construction. This includes a comprehensive 24/7 monitoring, support, and maintenance solution that is comprised of the following:

  • Remote monitoring & management
    Networking maintenance & support
    Network cabling support
    Network configuration requests

  • Network documentation
    Firewall & VPN access management
    Application support
    Building systems technology support

Intelligent Buildings Roadmap

EllisDon’s ED&S group developed the Intelligent Building Roadmap (“IBR”) as a pragmatic approach to transform facilities into smart buildings. The IBR is a comprehensive guide that helps developers, facility owners, and operators understand the capabilities of intelligent buildings and how they allow them to self-learn and adjust to optimize functional space.

Destination 1: Intelligent Ready

Intelligent Infrastructure 
The Foundation of Your Intelligent Building

Features a converged building network, with high performance and fault-tolerant server infrastructure. Building systems communicate via an open network protocol. Additional components include Wi-Fi, Distributed Antenna System, and Base Building Fiber. 

Destination 2: Intelligent Operations

Integrate & Interoperate
Tenant Integration Platform & Building Dashboard

Multiple systems are integrated between tenant-controlled and base-building systems — delivering real functionality to operators and occupants. The consolidated dashboard allows for "single-pane-glass" management, fault-detection and visualization.

Destination 3: Real Estate 2.0

Automate Operations

Workflow automation is developed based on use-cases. Building features self-learning, live retro-commissioning, automated adjustment, and autonomous energy optimization. Time interval maintenance makes way for performance-based maintenance. 

The building whisperers.

Robert Barnes, Vice President, Energy & Digital Services

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