Leaders in Mass Timber Construction

When the Ontario Building Code was amended in 2015 to allow for wood construction up to 6-storeys, it immediately captured the attention of EllisDon due to the multitude of advantages it has to offer.

Heightened awareness of the ingenuity and environmental benefits of wood combined with advances in wood technology and manufacturing, have aligned to make tall wood buildings not only possible, but cost-effective while exceeding the standards of safety, sustainability and performance of any alternative. So, it came as no surprise when our experts immediately saw an opportunity that would change the trajectory of traditional construction.


EllisDon is no stranger to mass timber construction.

Drawing on decades of experience, our dedicated team of multi-disciplined experts has been harnessing the latest technologies and creating new innovations that have enabled us to deliver some of the most exciting mass timber projects in the country, and the world.

In recent years we have completed several notable projects. From delivering the Canadian Pavilion for Expo 2021 in Dubai, to prominent mass timber facilities in Western Canada, and most recently, being awarded the Centennial College – A Bloc Expansion project in Toronto, the largest mass timber project in Canada, our momentum is accelerating and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.


By pushing the limits of designs beyond the boundaries of that which is feasible using current materials and construction technologies, EllisDon is continually discovering innovative strategies and setting the standard for the next generation of engineered timber research.

EllisDon has participated, and continues to participate in a variety of tall timber research endeavours with industry partners such as:

Super-Tall Hybrid Wood Mixed-Use High-Rise Prototype - Aims to maximize the overall use of sustainably harvested wood by volume in high-rise construction in the most cost efficient, energy efficient manner, that is also conducive to human wellbeing and the wellbeing of the environment.

Tall Timber Core Study – Investigation to the feasibility of different material core types for tall timber structures. Analysis from a cost, structural performance, and site performance perspective for towers up to 30 storeys tall.

Horizon 2020 – Part of an international consortium proposing to respond to a European research call to develop and test new technologies and environmentally friendly solutions for the use of wood-based materials in the construction and retrofitting of buildings.

Residential Applicability Detailed Investigation – EllisDon is leading a team of consultants in developing and flushing out the details of a mass timber structural system designed for a residential use case.

Canadian Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai


We maintain a high level of engagement with the mass timber professional community as we continually refine our internal best practices and knowledge base.

Through years of investment, EllisDon has established itself as a leader in mass timber construction and is often called upon by the industry to share our knowledge, our insights and passion for the topic with others.

During the Canadian Mass Timber Institute’s inaugural event in 2018, EllisDon presented to other leaders and experts on opportunities and the future of the mass timber industry. In addition to being a member of various professional organizations, EllisDon is proud to be called upon as speakers, mentors, or panelists to promote the use of timber in meaningful, ubiquitous mass timber structures.

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As mass timber emerges into the mainstream, EllisDon has established its leadership in mass timber construction alongside our expertise in more traditional construction methods.

Existing in the gap between consulting engineering and construction, our experts in mass timber, as well as our in-house Construction Sciences Division, one of few in the industry, are dedicated to ensuring that the most innovative building techniques and products are available to our clients – whether invented on one of our sites or anywhere in the world.

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