The construction industry is moving from the jobsite to a manufacturing plant. The ability to shift parts of the process off-site and then install those parts on-site, that’s not just a trend. It’s always been a part of the process, but it’s currently happening on a whole new scale. EllisDon’s Prefabrication and Modular Department ensures the latest knowledge, best practices and supplier contacts are applied to every project.

Core Areas of Expertise

1) Improve the client experience through leveraging the benefits of prefabrication, such as safer and less crowded jobsites, cost certainty, compressed schedules, better quality and less waste.

2) Spread the philosophy of prefabrication so that all projects, even those that use minimal prefabricated elements, take advantage of its driving principles including earlier decision making, standardized designs, and repeatable elements.

3) Establish relationships and partnerships with organizations involved in the manufacture, supply, and technological advancement of prefabrication and modular elements.

At its core, our mission is to produce better projects by bringing the efficiencies inherent to the manufacturing plant and production line to the jobsite

Xavier Toby, Technical Sales Director, Prefabrication and Modular

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