Daily Site Report

Daily Site Reports tend to include information recalled from hastily scribbled notes or, worse, memory at the end of the day. This is risky behaviour for information which is critical to protecting companies against claim.  These reports are a key factor in the risk mitigation protocol on any jobsite and require better processes in capturing information. So EllisDon decided that the Daily Site Reports needed to get better.

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Simplicity Brings Efficiency

It’s not good enough to just collect accurate data.   Ease of data collection is just as important.  Superintendents willingness to utilize the system is of extreme importance. EllisDon designed, tested, refined and tested and then refined again their Daily Site Report app so that the collected data is a strong link between the project’s risk management AND the Superintendent’s intrinsic use of the technology. No training, no coaching, no help manuals -just good design honed and optimized by 20+ Superintendents at EllisDon.