Reality Capture, As-Built & 3D Scanning

EllisDon has been utilizing 3D Scanning Technology, or LiDAR, since 2005 to capture 3D as-built geometry from the field. Since then, this technology has greatly improved in speed, accuracy and accessibility.

We have scanned over 10 million square feet, across hundreds of projects ranging from heavy civil infrastructure to existing mechanical rooms and historic heritage projects. We have converted trillions of 3D points to BIM using a variety of specialized computer systems and processes. Architects and Engineers have benefited from obtaining reliable information on existing buildings, reducing the time required to chase systems as well as understanding the actual site conditions. We also regularly use LiDAR to scan roadways and understand the exact geometry of surfaces so that we are able to coordinate the design of the new road system with literal pin-point accuracy and an extensive understanding of critical quantities that can make or break the project budget.

What We've Done

Canada Permanent Trust Building, Toronto, Ontario

Scan-to-BIM Project

The exterior and interior of this Neo-Gothic style structure in the heart of downtown Toronto was laser scanned with the intention of producing up-to-date structural and architectural as-built models by our team. Designed by Canadian architect Henry Sproatt, the 18-floor office building was built between 1928 and 1930, and so accurate documentation of the existing conditions became necessary for the client’s facility managers to continue doing their work effectively. The timely production of detailed as-built models for historical buildings is made easier with our utilization of reality capture technologies. 

Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

Laser Scanning

Our specialists were sent in to conduct laser scanning in the basement corridors of the Toronto Western Hospital and provide accurate data capture of existing piping systems located at exposed and above ceiling environments. Various confined mechanical rooms were also captured by our scanning team. Feature-detecting modelling software was then used to model the systems for coordination with Smith + Andersen.

Private Residence, Dundas, Ontario

Scan-to-BIM Project

A surveying specialist was deployed to perform laser scanning of this 6 acre property located in Dundas, Ontario. Our specialist laser scanned the area and created a point cloud deliverable which was subsequently divided into three pieces through careful isolation and post-processing in the office. A landscape/topography isolation of the point cloud was created by cropping the captured trees and vegetation, which was then used to create a topography surface complete with highly accurate contour lines. The buildings and minor structures on the property were also isolated for the purposes of producing an accurate 3D model. All processes and production of deliverables were done in-house.


Canadian International Airport - Baggage Handling System

Scan-to-BIM Project 

A Canadian international airport required laser scanning of their baggage handling systems for operations and management purposed. We delivered an as-built 3D model of this operating system


Gull Island, Lake Rosseau, Ontario

Laser Scanning 

Both Gull Island and Little Gull Island, located North of May Island and West of Tobin Island at Lake Rosseau Ontario, were laser scanned in their entirety by our surveying team. The purpose of this scanning project was to produce an accurate and up-to-date topographic plan of the small islands.

MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, Ontario

Laser Scanning 

Our team of surveying specialists was brought in to perform laser scanning of selected interior floor slabs of the MaRS Building located at 101 College Street in Toronto. The purpose of this service was to conduct quality assurance/control related to the levelness of the existing concrete floor slabs. Subsequent colour elevation maps were produced by our team that displayed levelness data with a range interval as low as 2mm.


Nuclear Laboratory, Toronto, Ontario

Laser Scanning 

Our team of surveying specialists was brought in to perform laser scanning of select areas of a nuclear laboratory project in Toronto, Ontario. The purpose of this service was to capture visible interior building geometry and utilize point cloud data to indicate elevations of critical elements in corresponding areas. The final point cloud was handed over to our client and end-user assistance and insight into workflow approaches was provided by our team after delivery. 

Port Severn Bridge, Port Severn, Ontario

Laser Scanning 

Our Geodetics team data captured twin bridges of Highway 400 that are approximately 1.5 km in total length and 20 meters apart. The four bridges are located just south of Lock 45 in Port Severn, and were laser scanned to capture the top, underside and structural members. A final cleaned point cloud was then delivered to the client in a timely manner.

Yorkdale West Expansion, Toronto, Ontario 

Laser Scanning 

Certain areas within the Yorkdale Mall Sears site were laser scanned by our specialists during the building expansion in 2014. The scanning was conducted to capture visible building information at ground and second levels including above ceiling space. The specific areas of interest were where structural steel was to remain or be retrofitted for the expansion.

Railway As-Built Verification

Laser Scanning 

Our team of surveying specialists laser scanned a portion of railway. The stretch of railway is approximately 870 meters in length and 150 meters in width. The majority of scans occurred at track level to accurately capture the railway tracks, topography, structure and underside of bridges. A registered and cleaned point cloud was then delivered to our client along with a fly-through visualization file.


Calgary International Airport, Calgary, Airport

Scan-to-BIM Project 

For the Calgary International Airport the connectivity corridor was scanned in the area of development by our laser scanning specialists to capture its existing conditions. Once registered and processed, the data was used to create a 3D model overlaying existing and new systems design for the enhancement of the airport.


RBC WaterPark Place, Toronto, Ontario

Laser Scanning 

The Ground Floor (80,000 sqft) and 2nd Floor Mezzanine (25,000 sqft)  of this business center was laser scanned by our surveying specialists to produce point cloud data that was used for on-site coordination, logistics planning and demonstrative purposes for the client. The Path Bridge Link Corridor that is part of the structure was also scanned and the information captured by our team was then used as a valuable baseline for renovation purposes. 


Viva Next Bus Shelter, Markham, Ontario

$1.2B Civil Project 

Scanning of the overall final conditions of the bus stops for the VivaNext projects were taken in order to review the accuracy of the steel structure.


Windjammer Landing Resort, St. Lucia 

Laser Scanning 

Our team was hired to laser scan areas of the Windjammer Landing Resort in St. Lucia to provide up-to-date and accurate as-built information. Our 3D surveying specialist performed laser scans on certain areas of the property to determine drainage elevations and overall slopes near common areas. Laser scanning efforts were focused on the exterior of the main buildings, but interior scans were also performed to capture required spatial information.


Union Station, Toronto, Ontario


Laser scanning was conducted for the historic Union Station in Toronto to capture the existing & operating Mechanical and Electrical facilities. The raw point cloud data that was captured in the field was then processed and created into a 3D model. The existing, as well as the proposed systems were modelled for proper 3D coordination of the revitalization project.

Toronto Pearson International Airport - Terminal 3 Enhancement Program, Toronto, Ontario

$310M Completion in 2017

The Toronto Airport required laser scanning above the ceiling to record the existing mechanical and electrical systems. The clarity and accuracy of the points provide measurable information of the existing conditions. Data collected by the scanner is cleaned out and processed by our Specialists in our department.

YYC Airport In Floor Heating, Calgary, Alberta

$240M Airport Project 

Scanning of the in floor heating system was done prior to the concrete pour with the purpose of archiving the network of heating pipes for future management of the Airport. The ticket machines were required to be anchored to the floor and in order to avoid puncturing the heating pipes, the processed scans were used to review the positioning of the pipes post concrete pour and resolve the exact position and accuracy of the drilling work.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper, Alberta

Laser Scanning

Surveying specialists were deployed to perform laser scanning of this lodge resort that offers luxurious rooms, log cabins and suites in beautiful Jasper National Park. Most of this large resort’s exterior and interior space was captured by two specialists within two weeks for the purposes of producing accurate and up-to- date as-built drawings of existing structures and conditions.