EllisDon deploys a VDC Coordinator to each of our construction projects to setup and manage the 3D integration of Construction models provided by all parties. We bring years of experience to the table; having implemented VDC, start to finish, on every type of project from highway service centers to billion dollar hospitals & hydroelectric generating stations.

University of Waterloo Engineering VII Building, Waterloo, Ontario

Lump Sum Project

The Engineering Building VII is a 235,000 square foot, seven-storey building for the University of Waterloo Engineering Department. The site area around the new build (and inside the existing Engineering V building which it attaches to) must be kept operational at all times due to university classes being held at all times during the year. The building’s new systems are tied into the existing building while also keeping the current users operational. At the onset of the project, our VDC team received architectural and structural 3D Revit models from the consultant, which enabled us to consolidate both models and undergo clash detection processes. Design issues were then resolved at the first instant which allowed for the effective mitigation of major potential conflicts on site.

Strathcona Community Hospital, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Construction Management Project

BIM was successful in generating 3D coordinated models and transitioned onto a consolidated Facility Management Model. Phase I of the Strathcona Community Hospital consists of 81,500 sq. ft. facility and includes the following program functions: Urgent Care, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratories, Allied Health (Rehabilitation), Primary Care Network, Chronic Disease Management, Health records and related staff and support areas.

York University Subway Station, Toronto, Ontario

Civil Project

York University Subway Station is located in the heart of the York University Campus. The station, will provide service to 40,000 commuters per day, and is part of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension. BIM was utilized throughout construction of the project. The BIM meetings were facilitated by an EllisDon VDC coordinator who worked with the Designers, the Subcontractors and the Project Management Team. Extensive coordination with all participants was conducted weekly to ensure accurate design and minimum construction issues. The Subcontractors collaborated together, using BIM as their main communication tool for problem solving. This greatly mitigated costly delays.

Ryerson University Student Learning Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Construction Management Project

The new Ryerson Student Learning Centre is situated in downtown Toronto. This 156,000 square foot, nine-storey building showcases an impressive glass facade, including an elevated plaza and bridge connecting to the existing library. It contains student learning centres, labs, and study areas. With such varying spaces, as a construction Management project, BIM was utilized to facilitate the coordination with the Subcontractors.

Windsor Family Aquatic Complex, Windsor, Ontario

Design-Build Project

The Windsor Facility Aquatic Complex consists of a therapy pool, a waterpark, a lazy river, multiple waterslides and a wave pool. BIM was successfully integrated in the design, preconstruction and construction phases of the aquatic complex. Coordination was conducted with The VDC Coordinators, Consultants and Subcontractors, ensuring collaboration and accountability. Significant attention was placed on the water treatment system of the facility. BIM enabled the resolution of any potential problems and risk prior to the installation of such systems in the facility.

Saskatoon Police Headquarter, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Design-Build Building

The police headquarter is a four-storey, 393,000 sq.ft facility. BIM was utilized during Design and construction. The facility includes general administrative spaces, physical/classroom training areas, an indoor firing range, a detention centre, a 911 communications centre, forensic labs, and finally underground and on-grade parking. The project began in early Fall 2011 and came to completion in 2014. The project consists of the construction of a new building. BIM was utilized for design and construction on this project.

Waypoint Mental Health Facility, Penetanguishene, Ontario


This project had a successful BIM integration and management process throughout each phase of the project. All stakeholders ensured that the Model transitioned efficiently from a Design Model, a Coordinated Model, an As-Built Model, to finally a Facility Management Model. The centre contains 312 beds with maximum security. The building possesses a total of 350,000 square-footage. The exact location of this forensic psychiatric hospital is on Georgian Bay in the Town of Penetanguishene, approximately 150 kilometers northwest of Toronto. 

MaRS Discovery District, Fit-Out Project, Toronto, Ontario

This building is located on the corner of College Street and University Avenue in Toronto’s Discovery District. The fit-out project was meant to coordinate the complex logistics of the installation of complex mechanical systems. Since the building was being occupied on other floors during construction, which was also on an extremely strict schedule, all floors were coordinated prior to construction. Prefabrication was crucial due to the complexity and uniqueness of the systems, as well due to the aggressive schedule

Surrey Memorial Hospital, Surrey, British Columbia 

Design-Build-Finance-Maintain Project

151 acute care beds were added to the Surrey Memorial Hospital Campus, growing it to a 650 bed regional hospital, totalling to 400,000 square feet. This project included a new Emergency Department that was designed to accommodate the various emergency patient groups that are currently being treated on the campus. The Surrey Memorial Hospital now has a dedicated space for the treatment of pediatric patients, mental health patients, and covered access for emergency vehicles. Data had been continually collected and coordinated during design & construction for operations, sustainment and contingency planning. Through our team’s utilization of BIM on this project we effectively coordinated the construction of the project with minimal delays.

707 Fifth Project, Calgary, Alberta

Construction Management Project

Our VDC team produced 3D conceptualizations to aid in the proper visualization of the final completion of this project. The project is 30 levels tall, 550,000 square feet in area, and oval shaped in a plan view. The project included extensive cladding of the building on a complex design schedule. All trades actively participated in weekly 3D coordination meetings to resolve design issues as well as interferences between systems. These trades modelled their systems in a level of detail that permitted prefabrication processes. A BIM coordinator was present on site to facilitate the implementation and management of BIM on the project.

One York Project, Toronto, Ontario

Construction Management Project

This 35-level, 800,000 square foot building is located at York and Harbour in the heart of Toronto. 3D models were provided by the consultants and coordinated with a BIM coordinator on site. Our team observed the highest level of communication and accountability through the full participation by trades in the modelling of their systems. Prefabrication for each system was made possible through coordination and was performed for this project.

Centennial Place, Calgary, Alberta

Pre-Construction and Construction Management Project

A highly skilled VDC coordinator was assigned to partake in the implementation of BIM in preconstruction and in construction. He/She was responsible to develop extensive process, guidelines, strategies and standards that promoted collaboration amongst Consultants, Subcontractors and the Project Management Team. Such implementation also promoted interoperability and successful achievement of deliverables.

George Brown College — Waterfront Campus, Toronto, Ontario

Construction Management Project

EllisDon acted as the Construction Manager on George Brown’s Waterfront Campus. The structure has 350,000 square feet of gross floor area and includes the health sciences program among other programs that require technologically advanced labs and classrooms. This project posed unique geotechnical and environmental challenges due to the site’s proximity to the Toronto Harbour waterfront and brown field development adjacent to Lake Ontario. Nevertheless, our VDC Team managed to aid in the construction process through the effective and timely utilization of BIM tools.

Isabel Bader Center, Kingston, Ontario

Lump Sum Project

The project involves the construction of a 127,500 sq. ft. learning facility for the performing arts at Queen’s University. Subcontractors were mandated to model and coordinate their work with the use of BIM.

University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Environmental Science and Chemistry, Scarborough, Ontario


The Environmental Science and Chemistry (ES&C) building on the University of Toronto in Scarborough had BIM implemented in the project during design and construction. The efforts invested onto the design and coordination with BIM reduced a significant amount of issues. Undoubtedly these issues would have been magnified in construction, causing costly delays, should they not have been resolved in design/preconstruction. The quantity of work invested in coordination with Subcontractors, using BIM, generated a higher quality of construction and a collaborated systematic installation process of the systems. We have developed a strong relationship with Subcontractors where their capabilities in using BIM to their benefit have increased their productivity.

Woodstock General Hospital, Woodstock, Ontario

Design-Build-Finance-Maintain Project

This infrastructure project involved financing, constructing and hard facilities management of the hospital over a 30 year concession term. The scope of work was to build the facility which is an excess of 350,000 square feet of gross floor space and manage the hospital equipment procurement and transition. The utilization of BIM processes was imperative to successfully delivering this three-storey facility which includes a diagnostic imaging (DI) department that uses the latest in digital imaging technologies for diagnosis and to reduce patient wait times, among other complex systems.

York University — New Student Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Lump Sum
Ongoing Project 

York University is adding a LEED Silver certified student centre to their campus. The space will be five stories, comprised of study spaces, student lounges, multi-faith prayer rooms, studios, clubs and event spaces. The building features an abundance of natural lighting as well as several green spaces on the roof. A lot of coordination is currently underway with the VDC coordinator who contributes to the timely delivery of the project.


Seneca College — King Campus Expansion, King City, Ontario

Design-Build Finance
Ongoing Project

Seneca College will be gaining a new LEED Gold certified addition to its campus. The Seneca College, King Campus Expansion will provide approximately 25 new classrooms, varying capacities of 30 to 80 seats, computer labs, a 20 bed hospital lab and specialty labs to help train nurses and emergency responders. The campus sits within the Ontario Greenbelt and the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Area. This complex project required heavy coordination to ensure that the building is delivered in a timely manner for classes to begin. A VDC coordinator is assigned full time to ensure that the schedule deadline will be met.


Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles (TAPV) Facility, Edmonton, Alberta

Modified Design-Build
Ongoing Project

This new facility is developed to provide storage, maintenance and support for multiple tactical armoured patrol vehicles (TAPV). This complex military facility requires considerable coordination with BIM to ensure minimal construction errors that could lead to costly delays. Hence, EllisDon has assigned a coordinator who will lead BIM coordination meetings with consultants and subcontractors to mitigate risks during construction.