Building and Material Sciences

The Building and Material Sciences division are a multi-disciplined team of technical resource professionals tasked with solving our industry's most difficult construction challenges. They offer the technical solutions, materials, and innovations that guide project success.

Building Sciences Engineering

Our sound knowledge in building science princi­ples and enclosure systems enable us to be active participants from the inception of a project through to completion of construction. Our input focuses on the enve­lope systems from a constructibility, performance and durability perspective.

Construction Materials Engineering

We are industry leaders in the fields of con­crete technology and building materials sciences. Our people provide technical support with regards to material reviews and selection for our projects. We special­ize in providing solutions to technically challenging issues related to high perfor­mance and specialty concrete.

Research & Development

Through industry affiliations and collaboration, we have developed an extensive network of experts across the engineering, construction and academic communities. This positions us well to identify potential innovations sooner and further the development of new materials, procedures and methodologies that bring increased value to our clients.

We rely on our construction experience and expertise in building & materials sciences to identify and mitigate potential risks for our clients.

Forensic Construction Investigations

Should performance issues or defects arise, we have the resources in-house to carry out thorough forensic reviews in order to determine the cause and provide practical and appropriate solutions. The information attained from these analyses is communicated throughout the company to increase awareness, pre­vent re-occurrence and promote continuous improvement.

The vast experience and technical knowledge housed within our group, combined with a well-established link to indus­try leading professionals, positions us well to meet the needs of our project teams and clients.

Robert Quattrociocchi, Manager, Building Sciences 

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