Building Network Management

The foundation of intelligent buildings is the converged building network. Traditionally, building systems – from HVAC to lighting, shading controls to security - is installed as a single, standalone component. But now, designed and implemented by our team of experts, intelligent building’s base systems run on one common converged network, allowing for communication between all of the systems and creating a single point of control for your building’s optimization.

EllisDon is the industry leader in the design, development, and operations of Intelligent Buildings.

Ensuring all systems are properly integrated from the design stage is integral to ensuring optimal building performance. Providing support to each of these systems as well as the overall network throughout the lifecycle of the building ensures that building owners continue to operate these systems effectively and it allows for the future integration of technology advancements.

The support we provide ranges from the monitoring and management of the entire building network, to the support and monitoring of each of the individual base building systems (i.e. Lighting Control, Energy Metering Network). We have developed solutions and services to meet each and every one of these needs, claiming our spot as industry leaders in intelligent building solutions.