Constructibility and Logistics

The key to successful implementation of design and construction is getting involved as early as possible. Our Constructibility and Logistics department analyse projects at bid stage and produce constructibility solutions for the most complex challenges in design and construction.

In order to optimize construction efficiencies and apply the best possible means and methods when executing each and every one of our projects, we work closely with our site teams, analyzing, planning and reviewing our constructibility approach. Then, we begin construction.

Site Logistics & Planning Specialization

  • Hoarding and Construction Access
  • Contractor/Trades Site Offices
  • Environmental Management, such as Truck & Tire Wash/ Clean up
  • Craneage / Hoists, includes Type of crane/ capacity, etc.
  • Crane Pickup Points, Material Deliveries and Contractor staging & storage
  • Temporary Utilities
  • Noise and dust control management
  • Provisions for Fire & Emergency Services
  • Construction Sequencing
  • Construction Methodology (Development & Evaluation)
  • Phasing of Construction
  • Construction Equipment Selections (cranes, hoists, etc,)
Our clients have big expectations, and so they should. We strive to provide a very high level of input using state of the art construction practices, to achieve the most successful outcome.

Juan Romero, Manager, Constructibility and LogisticsĀ 

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