Construction Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Department provides the technical backbone to our projects across the entire company, no matter where it is located. We provide technical support and expert assistance in construction engineering, with the capability to stand behind that assistance with complete engineered drawings, where needed.

The complexity of EllisDon’s projects necessitate that we are technical leaders in optimizing everything we do. By get­ting in at the conceptual stage, our focus is aligned with the project team and our clients/consultants, meaning our solu­tions are oriented in the best interest of the project and our clients. We have a proven history that when technical solutions are developed holistically, simple strategy changes of one activity can have positive ripple effects on other subtrades next in line. These successes draw upon our department working closely with projects all across the company, ensuring knowledge is transferred proactively and consistently anywhere we work.

an industry first

The normal distance for a crane from the building’s core is 10 to 15 feet, and the generally acknowledged record is 45 feet. But, we needed to go 60 to keep the crane outside the footprint of the building. Through extensive planning and testing, EllisDon’s Construction Engineering Services department were able to solve the problem and turn their ideas into reality, making the Eighth Avenue Place in Calgary project truly one of firsts.

Core areas of expertise:

  • Construction Methodology & Technologies
  • Crane Planning: Selection, Foundations, Climbing Sequences, Custom Components
  • Formwork, Falsework, Reshoring: Selection & Layout Drawings
  • Man & Material Hoists: Selection & Layout Drawings
  • Concrete Placing: Pour Planning, Placing Boom, Pumps, etc.
  • Temporary Structures: Covered Hoarding, Platforms, etc.
  • Geotechnical Shoring/Protection Systems
  • Custom Fall Protection & Safety Systems

Our Three Principle Functions

  1. Provide holistic technical solutions in the best interest of the overall project. This is achieved by working closely with the project team, evaluating how each solution fits into the larger picture downstream, and developing custom solutions where appropriate;
  2. To ensure that construction innovations in methods, equipment, and materials anywhere in the world are investigated and, where appropriate, adopted and utilized throughout EllisDon;
  3. To ensure that efficiency, innovation or improvement achieved within EllisDon is communicated throughout the company. This process of internal communication and training is vitally important ensuring lessons learned are implemented throughout the company.
For the benefit of our clients and industry, our technical expertise has evolved past the tradi­tional structure, and well beyond the traditional construction company offering.

Phil Jones, Engineering Manager, Construction Sciences Division

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