Construction Visualization, Virtual Reality & 4D

During preconstruction, we create stunning Visualizations to prove our master project planning by combining the design models for construction staging & equipment, safety planning, project schedule & site logistics.

This allows all parties to have a global overview of the sequencing of project, review constructability,  as well as understand complex schedule & logistics in a compressed about of time . We have experience creating photorealistic animations as well as maintaining living 4D models which can scientifically track and report project progress.

707 Fifth Project, Calgary, Alberta

$200M, Western Canada

Our VDC team produced 3D conceptualizations to aid in the proper visualization of the final completion of this project. The project is 30 levels tall, 550,000 square feet in area, and oval shaped in a plan view. The project included extensive cladding of the building on a complex design schedule. Also, the extensive and intricate use of cast-in- place concrete required a thorough plan in regards to formwork, which our team successfully modelled and visualized. These reasons lead to a complex, yet achievable coordination process through the utilization of BIM visualization tools.


Seneca College King Campus, King City, Ontario

$70.9M, Toronto Area

Our VDC team produced 3D visualizations to aid in interference coordination of structural elements. These conceptualizations also helped to visualize the phases in respect to our construction schedule. As the size of this project is 200,000 square feet, it is easy to see how such visualizations can aid in its successful completion. The Seneca College King Campus in King City consists of a new Academic Facility (142,000 square feet) that boasts 25 new classrooms, computer labs, administrative spaces, and a library/learning commons. Also included is a new Student Centre (90,000 square feet) that includes student amenities such as an athletic space, student cafés, and event spaces.

Irving Oil Ltd. Headquarters, Saint John, New Brunswick

Eastern Canada 

Our Maritimes division is seeing great use of the 3D visualizations produced by our VDC team. This 11-storey office building brought approximately 1000 Irving Oil employees under one roof rather than being forced to collaborate between five separate offices within Saint John. The project is located at King’s Square South next door to the iconic Imperial Theatre. A BIM Coordinator from our team is designated to this project and aids the team through conceptualizing construction elements in 3D for ease of assembly.

Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

$10B, Middle East

The Dubai Hills Estate project is on an 11 million square meter land bank in a smart city development of 7 million square meters of GFA. The development is comprised of several distinct districts with various development mixes. The development is a 20-year build out completed in phases, with each phase being subject to informed comprehensive feasibility and construction phasing. EllisDon has a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals to achieve delivery of the project which includes our VDC team that is taking care of 4D visualizations among other BIM conceptualizations.


Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, Ontario

$200M, Retail

Linking the schedule and logistics to a 3D model enables visualization of the overall construction sequencing. The Yorkdale mall consisted of multiple concrete pour phases which were a challenge to keep within schedule. Thus a 4D model enabled the team to visualize, develop the optimal solution for pouring and track the progress during construction. 

45 Bay, Toronto, Ontario

$360M, Retail

45 Bay currently under construction is comprised of a 50 storey office building with a total of 1.8 million square footage (podium & tower). Construction Visualization enabled viewing of the logistics plan as well as the sequencing of construction. Visualization is also a great tool during presentations.