Industry Partnerships, Advocacy and Outreach

By coming together, we can take projects to a new level of energy efficiency and technological sophistication rarely seen to date in Canada. In order to ensure that we have the tools needed to meet Canada’s national and international emission reduction targets, we must commit to facilitating strategic partnerships through industry collaboration and government relations, as well as engaging the market through advocacy and outreach. Together, we have the resources required to prepare our cities for the next-generation.

Industry Collaboration

EllisDon Corporation is committed to collaborating with actors within the construction industry, as well as across sectors. As demonstrated through the Carbon Impact Initiative, we have already engaged companies in real estate, communications technology, product manufacturing, clean-tech, engineering, and energy. We believe that market transformation is achieved when there is strategic cross-sector cooperation. EllisDon welcomes the opportunity to work with a variety of industry associates.

Government Relations

It is imperative that EllisDon aligns our sustainability objectives and intentions with government bodies and agencies in order to positions ourselves as a strong and supportive ally, and to take our projects and initiatives to the next level. We have mutual goals, and these goals can be realized efficiently and effectively if we work together.

Research and Publications

We envision the Carbon Impact Initiative (CII) as a vehicle to support provincial and territorial climate change leadership. The collaborative deliverables of the CII, coupled with the bankable reputations and experiences of our consortium partners, allows this industry-led action plan to deliver on the unique and specialized sustainability challenges and objectives that each province and territory must now address.

Carbon Impact Initiative 

In an effort to give our clients access to the resources needed for success, we have created a nationwide database outlining the available grants, incentives, rebates, and other programs that assist monetarily, and otherwise, with the development of sustainable built environments and diversified energy portfolios.

Public Speaking

One of the challenges in evoking change is a lack of knowledge or awareness. The SBS department believes that speaking at conferences, events, and seminars are imperative to educating the market about EllisDon’s capabilities and sustainability goals. We take pride in representing EllisDon at some of the most celebrated sustainability-focused sessions – including The Globe Series, the Toronto Green Building Festival, The National Energy Round Table Conference, and more. We have award-winning professionals, with international experience, providing keynotes at high profile industry events in an effort to build confidence around new clean-tech and sustainability practices, share knowledge, and collaborate across sectors.