Intelligent Infrastructure

“Smart technology” and the “internet of things” are the fundamental network technology shifts of the 21st century that have had the biggest impact on how buildings are designed, built and operated. With today’s innovations, operators can communicate with a building’s HVAC system from home, tenants can control the lighting in their office from their tablet, and owners can check their smart devices to monitor daily energy use in real-time. We provide the tools to take full advantage of the available technology and then we keep the technology running perfectly.

Everything from parking systems, to the HVAC and lighting controls, to the daily energy use, can be tracked, monitored, and controlled through an intelligent network – in real-time.

Building optimization is made possible from the planning that goes into bringing these systems to an operation stage, ensuring communication between them, and being able to troubleshoot issues anytime and anywhere to make the experience seamless for building managers and occupants. Having a strong integration and management team, well-versed in IT and network systems is integral in the operation of a building throughout its lifecycle and ensuring that it continues to run at peak performance. We are that team.

By leveraging the interconnected network design, building owners never have to fear their building will become obsolete or outdated. With a properly integrated network design, buildings can effectively be upgraded throughout the lifecycle of the building as technology evolves.