Site Security Surveillance

Managed Services is a provider of intelligent, network-based security monitoring for both project sites and assets with permanent security needs. Providing 24/7 coverage, with a dedicated operations and monitoring team that have direct connection law enforcement nationally, we can provide complete site security with a response time that is one of the best in the industry.

Our security solutions cost half as much as industry standard solutions and our coverage is more complete. From construction sites, to permanent locations for property owners, our security solution is a way to ensure the safety of a project.

Using the latest camera and networking technology, clients get a tailored design that takes into account any of the unique security challenges their site might face. Additionally, our solar-integrated camera stations allows us to provide security to the most remote locations.

Managed Services security solutions can include Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, infrared cameras, trip-alarms, and more. Every solution is connected via a network design that integrates into a centralized monitoring location, providing full coverage as well as data-storage for as long as required.