Our Low Carbon Agenda

CO2 reduction strategies are becoming an important topic across all levels of government. Global leaders are looking at the impact of industrial practices, identifying that approximately 40% of global carbon emissions come from the construction and operation of buildings.

We have a unique opportunity to leverage our leadership and establish a “Low Carbon Agenda” as a corporate strategy to offset the carbon impact from buildings. As a key part of a Low Carbon Agenda, we are reviewing potential projects that appropriately align with EllisDon’s overall corporate strategy. To establish energy saving targets and achieve a reduction in carbon emissions across our portfolio, we are looking to support projects that are considering decentralized energy strategies including buildings designed and constructed with the potential to achieve Net-Zero Energy or Carbon.

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EllisDon can bring resources and expertise from across our divisions to achieve any performance targets requested by our clients. We also have an excellent facilities management team that can work with project owners interested in maximizing opportunities in energy and material conservation to achieve long term sustainability goals and reduce operating costs.