What We Do

Our 360° Certainty promise. At EllisDon, you’ll find every service you need under one roof at a scale few can match.

We transform, advise, digitize, finance, design, construct, equip, operate, and manage, anything that can be built.

Fully integrated. Relentlessly innovative.

Consistently efficient. Empowered at every level. Our established combined teams, expertise, and methodologies are fast, fluid, and flexible, allowing us to mitigate risk and offer unmatched value.

One company, one result.

No matter the project, no matter the challenge, no matter the technology, requirements, or complexity, EllisDon gets it done. We provide everything from the complete lifecycle of a project to advisory and individual services.

We are a culture of doers.

Many of our teams have been brought to life as a result of our employees’ innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, it’s what enables us to deliver on our 360° Certainty promise. By empowering our employees to challenge the status quo and encouraging them to bring forth new ideas, we’re continuing our evolution as a company and, in the process, redefining our industry.

Our Projects

EllisDon is a leading construction services company delivering projects in every market sector around the world. Having started from humble beginnings over 70 years ago, today EllisDon completes over $5 billion worth of construction volume annually across a wide spectrum of projects and locations.

Infrastructure Services & Technology

EllisDon Infrastructure Services and Technology is EllisDon’s group of teams focused on optimizing the built environment throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. By leveraging advanced systems and processes, ED IST delivers technology-backed solutions to ensure functional and progressive high-performing assets. For over 20 years, ED IST has delivered leading-edge infrastructure and enhanced the client and end-user experience by making facilities more sustainable, resilient, reliable, and efficient.

Capital Services

EllisDon’s Capital group is the development and investment arm of EllisDon, equipped to provide financial solutions. This group leads multi-disciplinary design, construction, operations, and maintenance teams to pursue complex projects that require private financing and investment. Capital is a leading developer, operator, and investor in P3 projects for public infrastructure projects and private asset delivery, and is regarded as one of North America's most successful and experienced construction capital groups.

Construction Sciences

Existing in the gap between consulting engineering and construction, EllisDon’s Construction Services division ensures that the most innovative building techniques and products are available to our clients. Through active involvement in the whole project delivery process, and with research and development at its core, this group ensures that construction innovations in methods, equipment, and materials anywhere in the world are investigated and implemented on our projects.

Digital & Data Engineering

The Digital & Data Engineering group brings together the teams who enable EllisDon to leverage technology in every aspect of its business, to push beyond traditional industry positions and to drive change. This group offers sophisticated data, analytics, software solutions and tools that effortlessly integrate nuanced, in-house construction expertise with advanced technological knowledge. The Digital & Data Engineering group designs and implements solutions across the lifecycle of a project to support EllisDon’s construction operations and services teams.

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