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EllisDon has built some of the largest and most advanced transit infrastructure projects in the country. The Ottawa Confederation Line LRT, Edmonton Valley Line LRT, and Eglinton Crosstown LRT in Toronto are all our work; together, these successful projects have a combined construction value of $9.1 Billion.

In addition, we’re a leading operations and maintenance service provider. EllisDon ensures these Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems run smoothly, making trips for commuters safer and faster while ensuring day-to-day operations and maintenance for staff are seamless.

By being the builder and the maintenance service provider, we’re able to take the technical knowledge gained in construction and bring it into the long-term maintenance period. This enables us to provide knowledge-backed technical solutions faster, reducing the risk of major service disruptions and providing a better overall experience for all end users.

The EllisDon Edge

  • Leveraging our knowledge. Having constructed the LRT projects, we have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the infrastructure. Our technical knowledge and experience mean we’re equipped to provide the best solution quickly and effectively.

  • Experienced in leadership. LRT systems are made up of a complex network of trains and tracks, so getting trains into service every day requires extensive coordination and planning. Our experience allows us to perform these tasks with the utmost efficiency.

  • Recruiting for efficiency. Because we’re experienced in both operations and maintenance, we understand each project’s unique specifications and the importance of finding the perfect people for every job.

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The Transit Services team is part of the Infrastructure Services & Technology group.

EllisDon Infrastructure Services and Technology (ED IST) is EllisDon’s group of teams focused on optimizing the built environment throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. By leveraging advanced systems and processes, ED IST delivers technology-backed solutions to ensure functional and progressive high-performing assets. For over 20 years, ED IST has delivered leading-edge infrastructure and enhanced the client and end-user experience by making facilities more sustainable, resilient, reliable, and efficient.

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