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We have two core services that transform projects from any state into 3D digital rendering, adding immense value to any project.

Reality Capture and Scanning

Accurate as-built models are fundamental to avoiding future conflicts or deficiencies, allowing on-site issues to be addressed long before construction.

From laser scanners to drone piloting to Building Information Modeling, our in-house experts are familiar with the latest reality-capturing hardware. This team is focused on taking current conditions and creating a working digital model, accurate to the millimeter, to benefit present and future stakeholders or contractors. They can also source valuable information from 2D drawings, changes, site instructions, renovations, and more.

Digital Asset Management Services

Building a 3D rendering of a project enables us to draw a single-source of truth for clashes, quantities, logistics, scheduling, quality assurance, and so much more. Enabling these services early on also allows for a more accurate historical record of an asset through construction, which can be used long into the future for things like facilities operation, services, and the lifecycle management.

Digital Asset Management services include project renderings, construction animations, model updates, and more. The team is always on the lookout for new technologies, methodologies, and ways to benefit further from digital models. They can also provide 3D fabrication models to support trade partners, an invaluable tool that’s become increasingly popular in recent years.

The EllisDon Edge

  • Experts in execution. You aren’t just getting a one-off contractor, you’re getting the combined expertise of a major construction firm. These services are new to some, but not to us, we know what our clients are trying to accomplish and will work with them to ensure that no second or third scans are required.

  • Always a step ahead. Our team understands the hardware and software required to achieve project goals, and we’re always making use of the latest technologies, tools, and methods.

  • Accurate to the millimeter. From scanning the opening of a skylight to measuring floor levels after a concrete pour, we can work within any scope or complexity because we plan and execute down to every detail

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VDC Services is part of EllisDon’s Digital & Data Engineering group.

The Digital & Data Engineering group brings together the teams who enable EllisDon to leverage technology in every aspect of its business, to push beyond traditional industry positions and to drive change. This group offers sophisticated data, analytics, software solutions and tools that effortlessly integrate nuanced, in-house construction expertise with advanced technological knowledge. The Digital & Data Engineering group designs and implements solutions across the lifecycle of a project to support EllisDon’s construction operations and services teams. We are uniquely positioned to connect the digital and the physical, in ways that set us apart from other general contractors and software service providers.

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