Gate Three

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EllisDon’s Proprietary Project Management Software

EllisDon knew early on that data and digital information meant big changes were coming for the construction industry. We knew technologically would disrupt our industry and we wanted to be on the forefront of it. Despite its traditional roots, technology is playing a larger role in the construction industry, drawing attention to— and closing— gaps between personnel and projects.

Our intimate knowledge and experience in project execution and construction combined with our software development experience has allowed us to set the pace for the industry in development of Gate Three, our proprietary Project Management software.

The Gate Three Solution

  • Gate Three was built with every project stakeholder in mind, including clients, consultants, operations and site teams, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, technical experts, and designers.
  • Gate Three is used across every EllisDon project and the team responsible for improving, operating, and maintaining it is in-house.
  • The purpose of this cloud-based application is to provide clients with a complete and transparent record of the work occurring throughout their projects.

Gate Three is a highly intuitive and user-friendly tool that hosts all the necessary characteristics to create efficiencies and ensure the successful delivery of any project, including:

  • Cost control at the time of commitment;

  • A consistent way to communicate with project stakeholders;

  • Real-time access the project data to enable more informed decision making;

  • An easy way to view project status and documentation;

  • An application that tracks project deliverables and action items; and

  • Complete legal records

The EllisDon Edge

  • A risk elimination platform. Utilizing Gate Three as the access point to the construction project lifecycle reduces project risk across all levels and takes a bold approach to deliver efficiency on a daily basis

  • Knowledge is power. More than just software, this is a data and communication tool built on EllisDon’s construction experience and executed by world-class professionals.

  • Engaging every stakeholder. From conception to closeout, Gate Three fosters complete control of information allowing project teams, management, subcontractors and owners to stay up-to-date and informed every step of the way.

  • Proprietary software built for your needs. By weaving Gate Three into every project delivery, EllisDon has taken a leadership position and made a solid investment in the work at hand and industry at large. This is the software clients want, and need, to take their projects to the next level.

  • Constantly evolving and improving. With Gate Three we are in control. We get to build it, change it, upgrade it, and shape it to be the best tool for the job. Our in-house team works closely with end-users to make sure it’s exactly what it needs to be.

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Gate Three is part of EllisDon’s Digital & Data Engineering group.

The Digital & Data Engineering group brings together the teams who enable EllisDon to leverage technology in every aspect of its business, to push beyond traditional industry positions and to drive change. This group offers sophisticated data, analytics, software solutions and tools that effortlessly integrate nuanced, in-house construction expertise with advanced technological knowledge. The Digital & Data Engineering group designs and implements solutions across the lifecycle of a project to support EllisDon’s construction operations and services teams. We are uniquely positioned to connect the digital and the physical, in ways that set us apart from other general contractors and software service providers.

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