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“The opportunities in the Middle East North Africa region are huge. The scale and complexity of the projects are second to none and they keep getting more exciting. We’re looking forward to continuing to bring our diverse expertise to these projects and to help expand the region into new heights.”

-Wissam Ayoub, Senior Vice President, Middle East & North Africa

Renowned as one of the most technologically advanced and innovative groups internationally, EllisDon’s Project Advisory and Management International (PA&MI) team has been operating for over 20 years. As an international powerhouse, with a team of over 300 people, our projects span Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Lithuania, Qatar, Colombia, Afghanistan, and more recently, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

We offer a full suite of services that support diverse sectors, including residential, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, retail, education, and healthcare. Working in partnership with our clients, we provide leadership and direction at every phase of a project’s development. From planning, design, approvals, construction, commissioning, move-in, close-out, operations, and maintenance, we ensure a client’s vision is perfectly executed.

We Provide Six Core Services:

Program and Project Management: As experts in managing a wide range of projects, we provide a collaborative approach by working closely with project stakeholders to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery. We are industry leaders with a strong presence in the program and project management sector internationally. Learn more

Virtual Design and Construction: We promote an integrated design and construction approach by incorporating the Virtual Design and Construction services team. We use Building Information Modeling to craft projects on a virtual platform and deliver an immediate visualization of buildings, systems, and assemblies. Learn more

Energy and Digital Services: We transform complex buildings into intelligent, future-proof, and technologically advanced facilities by providing technical expertise in the design, configuration, procurement, and installation of complex network and specialty building systems. Learn more

Facilities Management: With the help of technology-backed solutions, we ensure the functionality of a built environment through effective and efficient operation and maintenance. Learn more

Sustainability: We deliver excellence in high-performance building design, advanced clean-technology integration, and low carbon strategies for buildings. We also ensure compliance with rating systems such as Estidama (in the United Arab Emirates) and Mostadam (in Saudi Arabia). Learn more

Innovation Capabilities: To achieve project objectives we apply unique and innovative design, procurement, and construction thinking, tools, and services across all disciplines including smart materials, drones, 3D printing, data management, Internet of things, augmented and virtual reality, modular construction, and future-proofing technologies.


The EllisDon Edge

  • International project management experts. Our experienced team has managed and advised on projects of all sizes and types around the world.

  • Adaptable working models. Our services can be quickly and economically scaled to projects of any size, complexity or duration.

  • We bring more to the table. We offer multiple resources and services during all stages of a project you won’t find anywhere else.

  • We can scale with you. We can seamlessly supplement a client’s existing internal project management resources to help with fluctuations in workflow or with projects of an unusual size or complexity.

“We pride ourselves on building and maintaining excellent relationships with our clients and stakeholders, promoting trust, collaborative decision making and problem-solving, which leads to superior outcomes.”

-Karim Moumne, Senior Director, Strategy & Business Development, Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

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The Project Advisory & Management International team is part of the Infrastructure Services & Technology group.

EllisDon Infrastructure Services and Technology (ED IST) is EllisDon’s group of teams focused on optimizing the built environment throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. By leveraging advanced systems and processes, ED IST delivers technology-backed solutions to ensure functional and progressive high-performing assets. For over 20 years, ED IST has delivered leading-edge infrastructure and enhanced the client and end-user experience by making facilities more sustainable, resilient, reliable, and efficient.

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