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Our Product Design team focuses on creating, servicing, and further advancing the digital products and services provided by EllisDon. This makes us the go-to team for any digital technology services we provide internally, to clients, or to external parties interested in our digital expertise. We’re responsible for building, maintaining, and improving all EllisDon software products, including Gate Three EllisDon’s innovative in-house custom and proprietary project management software.

While Gate Three is our primary focus, we’re also responsible for breaking new ground, developing and sourcing innovative tools and software. We work with end-users to find out which features and functionality are needed; then, we collaborate with the software engineering team to make those goals a reality. This includes interfacing with clients to commission custom dashboards for their projects based on data that is important to them.

The EllisDon Edge

  • Equipping our digital toolbox. The Product Design and Software Engineering teams collaborate to design and develop the digital tools used by our teams and clients every day.

  • Bespoke solutions. We provide custom products, tools, and dashboards for every type of project, putting information for key decisions at stakeholders’ fingertips.

  • Continuous improvement. By communicating openly and working directly with users to get ongoing feedback, and by strategizing with other Digital + Data Engineering teams, we proactively improve and evolve our products and tools.

“By having a product design-team in-house, all software that is provided is supported, advanced, and constantly evolving. The innovative nature of Gate Three speaks to our entrepreneurial mindset: faced with a gap in the market, we took matters into our own hands and created a customized solution in-house.”

-Brandon Milner, Vice President, Digital & Data Engineering

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Product Design is part of EllisDon’s Digital & Data Engineering group.

The Digital & Data Engineering group brings together the teams who enable EllisDon to leverage technology in every aspect of its business, to push beyond traditional industry positions and to drive change. This group offers sophisticated data, analytics, software solutions and tools that effortlessly integrate nuanced, in-house construction expertise with advanced technological knowledge. The Digital & Data Engineering group designs and implements solutions across the lifecycle of a project to support EllisDon’s construction operations and services teams. We are uniquely positioned to connect the digital and the physical, in ways that set us apart from other general contractors and software service providers.

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