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"We’re one of the only integrated players in the industry with the ability to be a 100% equity partner and to invest in our clients; you benefit from our significant experience in adapting to the unique requirements of each project, combined with the backing of an established company who has a stake in the outcome."

– Danny Giacomel, Vice President, Public Infrastructure

We’re proud to be one of the leading infrastructure developers specializing in projects requiring private financing and/or investment in North America—and we have the awards to prove it. We’ve excelled in leading successful bid submissions because we have extensive experience in the procurement of Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects, and our internal multi-disciplinary design, construction, operations, and maintenance teams mean we also have the expertise to do the work.

The leader in P3s in Canada. Working closely with our teams to supply financial modelling and structuring and effectively manage risks, we’ve developed a deep understanding of North America’s biggest and most complex infrastructure projects across a number of sectors. This includes public infrastructure at the federal, municipal, and provincial government levels and across sectors including: healthcare; justice and corrections; transportation; civic centres; and academic facilities. See our PPP Projects.

The EllisDon Edge

  • We shape a winning strategy. By leading and developing a transparent and integrated approach across the construction contractor, service provider, financial advisor, and client.

  • A single point of contact. This streamlined way of working develops trust and provides coordination between our different areas of expertise to ensure all commercial and contractual requirements are met.

  • Fully integrated to move your project forward faster. By connecting the relevant services and engaging them at the necessary stages, we’re able to ensure a successful bid, procurement, and execution strategy.

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Infrastructure Development is part of EllisDon’s Capital group.

EllisDon’s Capital group is the development and investment arm of EllisDon, equipped to provide any financial solutions. This group leads multi-disciplinary design, construction, operations, and maintenance teams to pursue complex projects that require private financing and investment. Capital is a leading developer, operator, and investor in P3 projects for public infrastructure projects and private asset delivery, and is regarded as one of North America's most successful and experienced construction capital groups.


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