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Design Build is a hybrid delivery model combining the traditionally separate design team and building contractor. Working together in this way, we’re able to move more smoothly from concept to delivery, working in harmony to mitigate overruns, risks, and disputes.

With Design Build, the owner manages just one contract with a single point of responsibility; the designer and contractor work together from the outset, providing unified project recommendations to fit design goals, budget, and schedule. Open collaboration between the client and the design team is always encouraged during design development to ensure that the client’s design goals are achieved and exceeded.

Crucially, any changes are addressed by the entire team, leading to an improved culture of collaborative problem-solving and innovation; everyone involved is listened to and encouraged to think outside the box. Project outcomes are improved through the provision of real time cost input to design solutions being considered. Project timelines are reduced through fast tracking of the initial construction activities while the design is finalized.

EllisDon has been providing Design Build services to clients for over 50 years and has delivered many projects using this model. Our success is the result of a commitment to open collaboration, innovative determination, sound management principles, and technical competence enforced on all projects regardless of size or complexity. Over 30% of EllisDon’s volume is being delivered under a Design Build project delivery method, a fact that speaks to the success of this.

"Through a Design Build project delivery, our clients achieve their goals for the design of their projects on budget and with an expedited schedule. We foster open collaboration across the project team to develop the best solution balancing aesthetics, functionality and capital costs but with a single source of responsibility for design and construction and a firm commitment on cost and schedule."

-David Klassen, Senior Vice President, Design Build and Construction Sciences

The EllisDon Edge

  • Greater efficiencies in both design and construction. This approach ensures we achieve every objective and requirement in the most efficient way. Our engagement in design development takes the burden of managing this process off of both our clients and the project designers.

  • Collaborative team-based approach. Bringing design and construction together with the client’s team earlier empowers the entire project team to collaborate on every aspect of a project and ultimately, reduce risk.

  • Innovation from all angles. The combination of our in-house experience and our designers' expertise provides a wealth of knowledge on suitable design approaches, materials, and methodologies while respecting capital constraints.

  • Fully integrated. Design Build is integrated with all in-house teams throughout a project’s entire lifecycle, from the pre-construction phase, through financing to facilities operations and maintenance.

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Design-Build is part of EllisDon’s Construction Sciences group.

Existing in the gap between consulting engineering and construction, EllisDon’s in-house Construction Sciences department, one of few in the industry, ensures that the most innovative building techniques and products are available to our clients. Through active involvement in the whole project delivery process, and with research and development at its core, this group ensures that construction innovations in methods, equipment, and materials anywhere in the world are investigated and implemented on our projects.

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