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“We operate, maintain, and improve any asset we take on, providing the highest standards of facility management while remaining sustainability-conscious and guaranteeing a better-built environment.”

-Colin Flock, Senior Vice President of EllisDon Facilities Services

EllisDon Facilities Services (EDFS) specializes in infrastructure and asset maintenance, operations, and management. We optimize an asset’s efficiency, in order to maximize lifecycle and minimize costs and we never stop looking for new ways to improve. We service many market sectors healthcare, educational, judicial, residential, hospitality, recreational, and beyond. Our deep understanding of constructability, infrastructure, and technology means we can both operate and maintain assets efficiently and bring in other services to further extend the long-term lifecycle of an asset.

13M sq.ft. facilities maintained

500+ facilities services employees

13 Private-Public-Partnership facilities in operation.

3rd-largest healthcare service provider in Canada.


Our Services

  • Operations and Maintenance. Asset performance optimization and capital planning is at the core of what we do; managing organizations’ existing or newly-built facilities.

    • Utilizing the latest technology, our team provides hard (mechanical and electrical, building maintenance, plant and building equipment and structure elements, lifecycle repair and refurbishment) and soft (food, landscaping, reception, laundry, and groundskeeping) services for a variety of assets

  • Advisory and Management. We support organizations and their in-house Facilities Maintenance team to achieve the same high standards we aim for. Our provide advisory in a number of different areas:

    • Transition from Construction to Operations
    • Optimization of Capital and Operations Dollars
    • Reserve Fund Planning
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Lifecycle & Energy Assessment and Management
    • Sustainability & Building Retrofitting and Improvements

  • Accountable, Intelligent Integration. Using data analytics and the best available computerized systems available, we operate, serve  and continuously improve facility performance.

  • Auxiliary Services

    • Tech on The Move, a mobile technical service providing support in HVAC, electrical, millwright, and boiler.
    • Sustainable retrofits for built assets

“We service some of the world’s most advanced infrastructure projects on some of Canada’s largest and longest operating public-private partnership projects.”

-Jane Chapman, Vice President of Operations

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The EllisDon Edge

  • The largest range of operations personnel in the industry. From maintenance personnel to transit operators and hospital cafeteria staff, every one of our EllisDon people is there to ensure facilities run smoothly and efficiently.

  • A wide variety of services. Whether asset management, lifecycle replacement, rehabilitation, retrofit, operations, maintenance, sustainability, athletic games services or intelligent integration, we aspire to exceed expectations at every turn.

  • Flexibility of services offered. Tailored to any built environment helping clients, organizations and other FM suppliers successfully achieve set targets.

  • Relationships built on trust. Many of our contracts span 30 years, because we focus on reliability, accountability, and open communication in all our partnerships.

At EllisDon we’re driving change and innovation by working collaboratively across our business to improve our approach to vital environment, social, and governance issues. We’re committed to not just minimizing any potential negative impacts, but to creating lasting, positive change.

Take a look at our 2022 Impact Report to learn more about everything we’re already doing, click here.

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The Facilities Services team is part of the Infrastructure Services & Technology group.

EllisDon Infrastructure Services and Technology (ED IST) is EllisDon’s group of teams focused on optimizing the built environment throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. By leveraging advanced systems and processes, ED IST delivers technology-backed solutions to ensure functional and progressive high-performing assets. For over 20 years, ED IST has delivered leading-edge infrastructure and enhanced the client and end-user experience by making facilities more sustainable, resilient, reliable, and efficient.

We have a team for that! Reach out to ist@ellisdon.com


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