Jun 27, 2020


Brampton Civic Hospital


Client: William Osler Health System

Location: Brampton, Ontario

Delivery Model: Design-Build-Finance-Maintain

Size: 1,300,000 sq.ft.

Value: $550 million

EllisDon Facilities Services Inc. provides Brampton Civic Hospital with facility and lifecycle maintenance services on a 25-year term, starting on 3 July 2007. The range of Facilities Management (FM) services customized to suit the hospital’s needs includes the following:

  • Building maintenance—operating costs.
  • Building maintenance—lifecycle maintenance cost.
  • Pest control.
  • Snow removal.
  • Market Tested Services.
  • Patient food service.
  • Parking operation.
  • Materials management.
  • Just-in-time warehouse and inventory.

EDFS implemented a robust preventive maintenance program as part of a whole-life asset management solution. The program extends equipment life and assists in the early detection of equipment failures, allowing our on-site team to reduce lifecycle costs and minimize the potential for any disruptions for facility users.

Fully integrated call center

The 24/7 dedicated call center staff receives and assigns on average 1,000—2,000 calls per month for services. EDFS exacts service standards with facility occupants requiring minimal operational disruptions. 

Wireless Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) task management

The use of wireless PDA task management systems was introduced for this project, improving service delivery time by allowing immediate task assignment regardless of where staff may be located in the hospital. Using handheld technology, service requests are transferred to the appropriate staff in-field as soon as the task is received. This allows supervisors and staff to be mobile while remaining fully accessible anywhere in the 1.3 million sq. ft. facility.

Lifecycle management

The lifecycle management program at Brampton Civic Hospital was one of the first of its kind and provides the hospital with a long-term guarantee that the asset will perform to the specifications over the term of the contract. EDFS is fully responsible for all aspects of lifecycle management throughout the 25-year period of the services contract. The hospital, therefore, does not have to concern itself with allocating funds for maintenance or replacement, allowing staff to put their full focus on patient care.

Just-in-time inventory

The EDFS team manages inventory for Brampton Civic Hospital using a just-in-time methodology. By following this process, which requires real-time, precise inventory tracking, we can reduce the warehouse space required, along with its associated costs.

Asset tracking

EDFS tags high-demand items critical to patient care to ensure effective asset management and that patient care is never compromised. For example, Brampton Civic Hospital has six bariatric beds in the facility. They are assigned to users by clinical staff, but the asset tagging allows us to establish their exact location. A single call to the 24-hour call center instantly locates the item for immediate retrieval.

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