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Our Data and Analytics team specializes in collecting and examining data to drive insights meaningful to our teams, clients, and projects. EllisDon doesn’t just focus on the software and hardware of construction, we need to know how we’re doing and how we can do better, that’s why we also have a department dedicated to getting eyes on the data we create.

Ensuring the data created from our work is directed into EllisDon’s own data lake, cleaned, organized, and made available for the rest of our teams to draw upon as needed is key to our role. Another important function is to develop robust data infrastructure, processes, and technology so we can leverage them in an efficient and scalable manner. Above all, we enable better data access, quality, and governance for all software platforms used by EllisDon and provide the right people with the right information in a timely and secure

"With our own software, EllisDon is able to easily scale as needed, optimize according to feedback from the field, and leverage insights based on years of construction data."

-Patrick To, Director, Insights & Analytics

Our commitment to innovation and technology is why we invested in creating Gate Three EllisDon’s own construction management software.

The EllisDon Edge

  • Proactively collecting meaningful data. Our experience with construction and data collection converges to enable more effective use of data.

  • Taking your data to the next level. Utilizing AI and machine learning, we mine data and extract its latent value by providing self-serve analytics and data management, integration, and infrastructure.

  • Unlocking strategic decision-making. It’s not just about knowing what data to collect, it’s about knowing how and when to use it to drive meaningful insights.

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Insights & Analytics is part of EllisDon’s Digital & Data Engineering group.

The Digital & Data Engineering group brings together the teams who enable EllisDon to leverage technology in every aspect of its business, to push beyond traditional industry positions and to drive change. This group offers sophisticated data, analytics, software solutions and tools that effortlessly integrate nuanced, in-house construction expertise with advanced technological knowledge. The Digital & Data Engineering group designs and implements solutions across the lifecycle of a project to support EllisDon’s construction operations and services teams. We are uniquely positioned to connect the digital and the physical, in ways that set us apart from other general contractors and software service providers.

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