Construction Engineering Services

EllisDon’s Construction Engineering Services finds innovative and practical solutions for any construction or engineering challenge. Searching for new methodologies and suppliers, gaining knowledge from experience, applying lessons learned, sharing best practices, and developing in-house solutions—we’re constantly evolving our project delivery to provide greater consistency and certainty for our clients. We achieve this through three key functions:

  • Working closely with the project team to provide comprehensive technical support, including developing custom solutions and understanding how each solution fits into the larger picture.

  • Investigating innovations in construction methods, equipment, and materials worldwide so EllisDon stays cutting-edge.

  • Ensuring efficiency, innovation, and improvements achieved within EllisDon are communicated throughout the company and are applied across all relevant teams.

"As experts in engineering, technical support, and holistic solutions, ranging from high-level methodology to detailed engineering applications, we’re the technical backbone of the company, providing knowledge on all projects, no matter the location, complexity, or size."

-Phil Jones, Vice President, Engineering & Logistics

Backed by 30 years of heavy-construction-industry experience and engineering knowledge, we provide support on the following:

  • System applications and method statements
  • Construction staging and sequencing
  • Heavy construction equipment applications
  • Project proposals
  • Design and structural analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Cost analysis and claim review
  • Bid analysis, evaluation, tender strategy, and sub-trade review
  • Sub-trade evaluation
  • Schedule optimization
  • Contractual scopes
  • Construction solutions and problem-solving

The EllisDon Edge

  • Detailed above and below ground planning. Assessing a structure’s needs from the ground level and above ground allows us to anticipate and plan for site intiricies, while meeting a building’s unique requirements.

  • A synchronized approach for seamless results. Our department ensures all site processes work in tandem toward the project goal.

  • Wide-reaching and well connected. We’re licensed engineers for construction jobs across all provinces in which we have area offices.

  • A wealth of technical knowledge. We support all major equipment owned by EllisDon—including everything from cranes to hoists and formwork—and possess technical knowledge on equipment from our suppliers and competitors.

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CIBC Square Pedestrian Bridge Installation

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Construction Engineering Services is part of EllisDon’s Construction Sciences group.

Existing in the gap between consulting engineering and construction, EllisDon’s in-house Construction Sciences department, one of few in the industry, ensures that the most innovative building techniques and products are available to our clients. Through active involvement in the whole project delivery process, and with research and development at its core, this group ensures that construction innovations in methods, equipment, and materials anywhere in the world are investigated and implemented on our projects.

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