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“We’re proud to be a leader in deploying converged digital infrastructure and integrating disparate building systems. From design to procurement, configuration, and ongoing support, we’re committed to future-proofing our facilities.”

– Robert Barnes, Senior Vice President of Energy & Digital Services

The types and amount of technologies deployed within buildings are increasing at an exponential rate. Whether a commercial office tower, hospital, courthouse, or correctional facility, every building's needs are different. As experts in advanced building technologies, we have a deep understanding of a facility’s requirements and the technology available for both new builds and retrofits.

Crucially, with our custom dashboards, we’re also able to amalgamate all-important facility data in one convenient place. This allows clients to take advantage of their  technology investment, resulting in improved efficiency and security, optimized energy use, lower operating costs, and an overall enhanced user experience.

Our Services:

  • Intelligent Infrastructure | Networking: Wired, Wireless, and Voice
  • Electronic Security | Access Control, CCTV, Intercom and Wired Duress
  • Information, Communication, and Automation Technology (ICAT) Project Management
  • Managed Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Master Technology Integrator
  • Technology Commissioning
  • Centralized Management Platform
  • Integrated Security Management System
  • integratED

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Optimizing environments through intelligent buildings


The EllisDon Edge

  • Our experts are fully integrated and involved every step of the way. We understand how and when to deploy technology and integrate systems within the overall construction schedule, and we provide ongoing support as part of our Managed Services.

  • We invest in our people for continuous improvement. Our employees are continuously trained in the latest technologies and are certified by multiple manufacturers.

  • We equip you to make more informed decisions. With information and data consolidated into a single dashboard, you have both visibility and command and control over building performance.

  • We’re vendor-agnostic; we can make recommendations but are equally happy to use your preferred vendors. We provide you with the right expertise regardless of the tools, equipment, and systems being used.


The standard healthcare integration engine regulates data flow across disparate clinical systems to manage workflows and optimize the delivery of care. However, our research discovered the current vendors weren’t capable of supporting the emerging integration requirements.

As a result, we’ve re-imagined healthcare integration solutions for today's digital needs as well as for the future. In 2019, we developed our own integration engine, and in 2020, we successfully implemented integratED, a fully customizable integration engine designed specifically for the healthcare market, at Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

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Future-proofing Our Facilities

“As systems evolve and more get connected to the building network, we use our deep understanding of technology to expand our offering and adapt to our increasingly complex work while ensuring you have the best possible system design and cost.”

-Robert Barnes, Senior Vice-President, Energy & Digital Services

At EllisDon we’re driving change and innovation by working collaboratively across our business to improve our approach to vital environment, social, and governance issues. We’re committed to not just minimizing any potential negative impacts, but to creating lasting, positive change.

Take a look at our 2022 Impact Report to learn more about everything we’re already doing, click here.

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The Energy & Digital Services team is part of the Infrastructure Services & Technology group

EllisDon Infrastructure Services and Technology (ED IST) is EllisDon’s group of teams focused on optimizing the built environment throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. By leveraging advanced systems and processes, ED IST delivers technology-backed solutions to ensure functional and progressive high-performing assets. For over 20 years, ED IST has delivered leading-edge infrastructure and enhanced the client and end-user experience by making facilities more sustainable, resilient, reliable, and efficient.

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