Jun 27, 2020


Southcore Financial Centre

Client: bcIMC Realty Corporation, GWL Reality Advisors

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Delivery Model: Construction Management

Size: 2,049,100 sq. ft.

Value: $542 Million

The Southcore Financial Centre encompasses a full block in the southern part of the downtown core from York to Lower Simcoe St. and is within walking distance of King and Bay St. It is comprised of PwC Tower (18 York St.), Bremner Tower (120 Bremner Blvd.), and the Delta Hotel (75 Lower Simcoe St.). All three buildings are connected by more than 14,000 sq. ft. of urban forest areas and provide enclosed pedestrian access to Union Station, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and the PATH network.

The Energy & Digital Services team at the Southcore Financial Centre, supplied, installed, and manage the following hardware and software:

  • The Converged Building Network.
  • Vendor collaborations for supporting multiple building and security systems.
  • The Lutron commercial lighting system.
  • The Legrand shading system.
  • The Bremner Fitness Centre network and systems.
  • System Integration, Converged Network, and Security System Consulting Services.
  • Call support for Network and Systems, readily available 24/7, 365 days.

At Southcore Financial Centre, the two towers are implemented with one converged network solution where the building systems are connected to the network and communicate via an open network protocol (BACnet/IP). The network includes over 100 Cisco POE+ switches, high-performance Cisco ASA Firewalls, Cyber Security System, Central Management System, and WIFI infrastructure. It is a complex and fully redundant network with over 500 provisioned VLANs for future capacity. This converged network provides a dynamic and secured platform for the integration of all BMS, F&M, WIFI, and Security systems.

Each office, meeting room, or workspace is configured to operate to improve the quality of work. The lighting is designed to be controlled remotely from office phones to allow customization of personal preferences outside of the automatic schedule. Daylight sensors are also used to reduce or turn off light in areas where the sunlight can penetrate and can provide adequate lighting. Along with the lighting, the towers are also outfitted with a centralized Legrand Shading system. This system is operated and maintained to provide optimal light and cost-efficiency savings. The shades and blinds are designed to operate based on the position of the sun along with the weather conditions for optimal coverage. The tenant-specific interfaces also allow control of blinds not only from mobile phones but from anywhere on the network.

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