Integrated Project Delivery

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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a powerful delivery model because it upends the often adversarial relationship between the project owner, general contractor, and architect. In most contracts the financial goals between these parties conflict and what’s good for the owner hurts the architect’s bottom line and bigger architectural profits leave the general contractor in danger of coming out in the red. Competition can bring out the best in people but it makes little sense to compete over the same resources needed to deliver a great project.

IPD synchronizes everyone’s goals. The contract increases profit margins for everyone when the owner saves money and decreases them when the owner loses money. The delivery model’s system of goal-sharing also encourages everyone to take a seat at the development, construction, and post-construction table. By using their combined expertise to save time and money while also building a project that surpasses the client’s original goals, the whole team wins.

TD Lego Case Study - THE IPD Journey

Last Planner System

EllisDon uses the successful Last Planner® System (LPS) for managing work on most projects. Developed to meet Lean production objectives, it allows project teams to reduce delivery time while enabling all parties to dramatically improve the utilization of their resources; in doing so, it delivers maximum value to the client and eliminates systematic waste.

LPS increases predictability by focusing on “making work ready” and validating the completion of planned tasks. And by planning 6 weeks ahead and involving those who will actually be doing the work, LPS ensures scheduling is always realistic.

The EllisDon Edge

  • Superior collaboration. The project owner, general contractor, subcontractors, and architect work together early in any project to identify potential problems and find solutions before construction begins.

  • Increased transparency. All project stakeholders share in profitability, which keeps communication open and ensures alignment on objectives leading to better project outcomes.

  • Less risk of cost and schedule overruns. Our combined expertise, knowledge sharing, and goal alignment enable a clearer understanding from all stakeholders and lead to faster decision-making that benefits the whole project.

  • Greater innovation. Having more perspectives at the table creates the opportunity to leverage the core strengths of the team leading to new ideas and approaches.

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