Jun 27, 2020


Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital


Client: Halton Healthcare Services

Location: Oakville, Ontario

Delivery Model: Design-Build-Finance-Maintain

Contract Price: $2 billion

Size: 1,500,000 sq. ft.

Project highlights

  • The project achieved a LEED® Silver certification for its green construction practices
  • The project was awarded Healthcare BOMA National Earth Award Winner in 2021

The scope of Facilities Management for Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital includes the following for the duration of the 30-year maintenance term:

  • General Management Services.
  • Hard Facilities Management Services.
  • Sustainability Services.
  • Help Desk Services.
  • Utilities Management Services.
  • Roads and Ground Maintenance Services.
  • Parking Management Services.

EllisDon Facilities Services Inc. (EDFS) was actively involved in this project from early in the proposal stage, through to design and construction. Our Facilities General Manager was co-located with the Design-Build team during construction to ensure the facility was built with long-term maintenance and operational efficiency in mind.

As a result of the integrated nature of the Facilities Management and Design-Build teams, EllisDon was able to apply our extensive knowledge of hospital facility management to influence the design and construction of the facility. Our aim was to optimize lifecycle considerations and ensure operational efficiency but also to ensure building operational activities would actively contribute to the client’s vision for patient care. The EDFS team’s early involvement was particularly important in the selection of building systems, kitchen design and equipment selection, energy efficiency, and building finishes.

Carillion Canada Takeover Success

EllisDon and Carillion Canada created a joint venture partnership at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital to carry out the required and specific facilities management services to the hospital. With the fall of Carillion in 2018, EllisDon stepped in and took over 100% of the service delivery components that Carillion handled and has become the primary service delivery provider to the hospital. 

During this time the organization presented its credentials, aspirations, and timelines for the transfer to all the stakeholders from frontline staff through to client representatives and Infrastructure Ontario. For the management of the ex-Carillion business, this was a series of conference calls and individual site presentations from the leadership of EDFS. The presentation focused on the stabilization of the new business and the investment to follow in new systems. Career opportunities were also outlined with the openness value of EllisDon displayed in describing the potential of the businesses pipeline in years to come.

During this time, the mantra on-site was “business as usual”; both the client and the CEO of Halton Healthcare Service Corporation have commented that they were "delighted with the transition and everything that it has meant to our partnership”. EllisDon continues to successfully carry out the full-service delivery for this project and maintains a strong relationship with Halton Healthcare Service Corporation.

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