Jun 27, 2020


Edmonton Valley Line Light Rail Transit Project

Client: City of Edmonton

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Contract: Design-Build-Finance-Maintain

Size: 13 Km

Value: $1.8 billion

Project Highlights

  • The largest infrastructure project in Edmonton’s history.
  • APEGA: Governmental Leadership in Sustainable Infrastructure.
  • 2021 Canada’s Top 100 Biggest Infrastructure Projects—ReNew Canada.

TransEd Operations & Maintenance Joint Venture (TransEd OMJV) consists of Alstom Transportation, EDFS, and Bechtel O&M. This partnership was formed to deliver operations and maintenance services for vehicles, systems, and facilities on the Valley Line LRT over a 30-year term.Vehicle maintenance will be done primarily at the Gerry Wright Operations & Maintenance Facility.

Operations Services

  • TransEd train operators and the TransEd Operations Control Centre will operate LRV service from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. each day of the week.
  • Thirteen trains will operate in the morning and afternoon rush hours and at an operating headway of 5 minutes (so there’s no longer than a 5-minute wait for a train).
  • Passengers will be regularly updated with real-time schedule information onboard trains and on platform stops and stations.
  • Route Supervisors will be deployed on the mainline to ensure good operating performance to enhance customer experience.
  • Systems to receive maintenance include:
    • Track - all tangent and special trackwork;
    • Signals and Train Control - the Communications Based Train Control System, known as a train protection system, as well as Automatic Train Operation;
    • Communications—a wide range of assets, including Voice and Data Radio, CCTV, Passenger Visual Information System, Integrated Communications System, and Telephony;
    • Overhead Catenary System;
    • Traction Power; and
    • Tawatina Bridge and an elevated guideway.
  • Notable facility assets to maintain include:
    • Tunnel ventilation system; and
    • Specialized industrial equipment.
  • Facility maintenance includes:
    • Custodial Services;
    • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services;
    • Snow removal; and
    • Landscaping

TransEd will provide yard operations to ease the movement of trains into the maintenance shop and onto the mainline. TransEd will also provide comprehensive safety, security, environmental, quality, and cybersecurity plans to ensure the safety and integrity of the Valley LRT. Proper maintenance and integration of these assets will occur over a 3-hour window each day to ensure transit customers arrive at their destinations safely and reliably.

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