Modular structures

"At its core, our mission is to produce better projects by bringing the efficiencies of the manufacturing plant and production line to the job site."

-Tom Howell, Senior Vice President of ED Modular

Modular,  a vertically integrated division of EllisDon, exists to efficiently automate construction processes. Combining modular technology with expertise in design-build and construction sciences, and ensuring the latest knowledge, best practices, and supplier contacts are applied to every project, we’re transforming the construction industry.

By shifting above-grade construction from the job site to the manufacturing plant, modular technology gives clients a cost-effective, time-saving, and more sustainable alternative to traditional construction practices.

EllisDon has made a significant investment in modular construction by bringing this technology in-house and self-performing with the help of advanced robotics and automated equipment. Keeping our modular construction in-house gives us greater control over process and outcome, and ultimately means less risk for our clients across schedule, budget and safety.

We saw an opportunity to scale modular solutions by bringing them to the sectors that would profit the most. Transitional housing, affordable housing, at-market rental, hotels, senior living and long-term care facilities, student residences, rental apartments, condominiums, and site offices—all of these can benefit from modular solutions.

“Modular construction is not just a trend, it’s always been a part of the process, but it’s currently happening on a whole new scale. With the skills to provide guidance and leadership on modular/prefabrication projects of any size, ED Modular is determined to make prefabrication and volumetric modular construction in the factory and off-site assembly of building components mainstream.”

-Tom Howell, Senior Vice President of ED Modular


The EllisDon Edge

  • Transforming the future of construction. EllisDon has made a significant investment to leverage our own modular manufacturing facility, allowing us more control over the process and end product.

  • No compromises. Modular enables work within compressed timelines and offers greater cost certainty while still delivering modules identical in design and functionality to the most sophisticated traditionally-built facilities. Modular building also supports safer, cleaner, less congested job sites, and produces less construction waste.

  • Rigorous safety and quality control. Modular’s quality control system ensures that all modular units undergo a diligent inspection program before arriving on site. Modules are checked, tested, and certified by a third-party inspection company during several steps of the assembly process.

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Modular is part of EllisDon’s Construction Sciences group.

Existing in the gap between consulting engineering and construction, EllisDon’s in-house Construction Sciences department, one of few in the industry, ensures that the most innovative building techniques and products are available to our clients. Through active involvement in the whole project delivery process, and with research and development at its core, this group ensures that construction innovations in methods, equipment, and materials anywhere in the world are investigated and implemented on our projects.

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