Corporate Sustainability

“By committing to science-based emissions targets, we’re aligning ourselves with the right side of the future. As leaders in sustainability, we’re committed to driving a low carbon economy and providing innovative solutions for our industry.”

-Jody Becker, Operating Officer & Executive Vice President of Infrastructure Services & Technology

Transforming the industry starts with us. Responding to the urgent need for all companies to take responsibility for their climate impacts, we’re committed to investing in our collective future.

We're going above and beyond to reach our sustainability goals. We've taken immediate action to ensure we're in line with the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global temperature rise to not more than 1.5 degrees. In order to accomplish this, we've committed to set verifiable objectives through the Science-Based Targets Initiative, an organization that independently assesses corporate emissions reduction targets according to those identified in the Paris Climate Agreement. This means we’ve pledged to get to net-zero emissions by 2050 with reduction milestones starting in 2030.

Our net-zero carbon commitment

More than 85% of our emissions come from the materials and operations of the buildings, structures, and systems we construct. We know there’s more we can do to protect the environment, so we’ve established ambitious greenhouse-gas emissions reduction goals using a science-based approach.

By leveraging our in-house expertise to deliver low-carbon buildings and infrastructure with the Sustainable Building Solutions team and utilizing technology to measure, manage, and reduce our carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency, we’re aiming for zero emissions in everything we build.

By collaborating with our supply chain, trade partners, and industry organizations to accurately measure and reduce embodied carbon with a focus on structure materials like concrete, steel, and timber, we’re aiming for zero emissions in the materials we use.

For a more in-depth look at EllisDon's emissions across all of our business activities, read the full report:

EllisDon | GHG & Methodology Report

By using data to analyze our processes on-site and across our business, reducing resource use, electrifying our processes and equipment fleet, and supplementing with renewable energy, we’re aiming for zero emissions in our own operations.

By publicly reporting on our direct and indirect emissions annually, and by sharing lessons learned to drive innovation and change, we’re aiming to support zero emissions across our industry as a whole.

“EllisDon is committed to excellence in high-performance buildings, advanced clean-technology integration, and low carbon strategies. As leaders in the industry, and as part of our commitment to our colleagues, clients, and our community, we continue to develop our in-house capabilities by growing our dedicated Sustainable Building Solutions (SBS) division.”

-Geoff Smith, Chair, Board of Directors

At EllisDon we’re driving change and innovation by working collaboratively across our business to improve our approach to vital environment, social, and governance issues. We’re committed to not just minimizing any potential negative impacts, but to creating lasting, positive change.

Take a look at our 2023 Impact Report to learn more about everything we’re already doing, click here.

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Steps we're taking toward a sustainable future.


Investing in research into decarbonizing buildings - Partnering with University of Toronto, we invested in a research program to build industry knowledge on the carbon impact of buildings. Embodied Carbon, or the emissions tied to the manufacture, transportation and installation of materials for construction is responsible for 11% of global emissions. The research was able to fill gaps in industry knowledge and has helped to provide further insights into areas that require additional awareness and capacity within the market.


We won the 2021 Canadian Construction Association Environmental Achievement Award which was established to recognize leadership from CCA member firms and associations to promote and undertake exemplary environmental conduct within the Canadian construction industry. Our climate commitment and actions we have taken to reduce the emissions through our direct operations as well as the materials we procure, the buildings we construct is supporting the transition to a low carbon industry.

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