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Indigenous Relations

“It is on all of us to enhance relationships with Indigenous peoples and ensure the work we do continues to advance a positive legacy for future Indigenous generations.”

-Chris Reeves, Socio-Economic Development and Indigenous Relations Director

Supporting Canada’s Indigenous voices. As one of Canada’s leading construction services companies, we understand the social and economic benefits our projects can have, and we do everything in our power to ensure our contribution is positive in the communities we work in.

An initiative we’re proud of centers around Canada’s Indigenous Peoples; we recognize that historically, their voices have not been heard, and we are dedicated to changing this by providing opportunities and growth for their communities in which we build. To this end, EllisDon is committed to understanding the traditions, beliefs, knowledge, and uses of lands and resources that make Canada’s Indigenous Peoples unique.

By building authentic relationships, hiring Indigenous Peoples; contracting goods and services from Indigenous businesses, and always seeking to expand our understanding, we hope to ensure mutual success and be a catalyst for industry-wide change.

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Chris Reeves

Socio-Economic Development and Indigenous Relations Director

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